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How Time Flies (or Wow I am Old Now)

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

Can you believe it’s been five years since this?

Little Fiona Evelyn entered the world at 10:44am this morning – 5 pounds 13.5 oz, and 18.5 inches long. Mother and baby are doing well.

Today, that little baby girl turns five years old.

Where does the time go?

Hi There!

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

Y’all haven’t seen the wee Piers Edward in a while.


So, there you go.

He seems happy enough, huh?

A Question for Parents and/or Brain Doctors

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

What part of the lump of gray matter in a child’s head forms the equation below:

End Table + Ball Point Pen = Fun!

…and how does one remove that part with tools found around the home, without causing any kind of long-term damage to the child?

And Then There Was One

Wednesday, December 26th, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, we had a home invader.

No, not the kind that comes through a window or a door, not without help anyway. This was the viral kind, one that would lay waste to all that fell victim for a good 24-36 hours. The kind that made the contents of your body seek escape from all available orifices, often at the same time. Fun stuff.

First, it struck my wee lad Ewan.

Then it took down the dear Mrs.

Next in line was the wee babby Piers.

Christmas night found my lovely lass Fiona being purged of the day’s dinner goodness.

So, that leaves but one of us standing.

Wish me luck, as there’s a busy few days ahead (not to mention that blogger Rae and her lovely daughters will be spending the night with us tomorrow eve).

Your Awwww Moment of the Day

Friday, November 30th, 2007

Piers is a watermelonPiers says “Oh, ‘ello you, me mum dresses me like a watermelon, she does.

“Damn limey woman.”

But he loves her, I’m almost sure of it.


Thursday, October 4th, 2007

Ten years ago today, at a garden in Wetumpka, Alabama of all places, I took the hand of a woman from a village with a giggly name and then – before friends and family – swore to have, to hold, and to make little babies with her.

I think I might be getting lucky tonight.

Of course, it has been ten years, so maybe not.

Crossing the Rubicon of Childhood

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

As our children develop, grow, and learn, they achieve various milestones in life, those rites of passage that remind of us our own adventure of existence. We watch with fascination as they come to each hurdle and clear it as only they can, becoming more fully a person with each passing day. They are some of the true beauties of our human experience.

And then, other times, you have a first like this:

Saturday, I was swinging Ewan around by his feet as Fiona laughed and ran nearby. She then misjudged the velocity and direction of travel of her younger brother. Whoops, if only they taught calculus to four year olds.

With a delightfully loud crack, heads made contact and for this reaction there was an equal and opposite reaction. Fiona went reeling backwards, foot over tangled foot, and there was another crack as she ran into the door jamb. She fell over stunned… then crying… then displaying the first signs of what tonight is one heck of a nice shiner.

Baby’s first black eye.


I should take a picture.

They Grow Up So Fast

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

Wee baby Piers is one month old today.

It’s been a month of black and yellow bum-sludge, sleepless nights and hectic days, remembering to pay attention to the other two kids when you’d rather send them out into the street to play, and continually reminding ourselves that “this too shall pass.”

But hopefully not too quickly.

All Right, Mr. DeMille, I’m Ready for my Close Up

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

Supastar!Future Hollywood starlet and perennial paparazzi favorite, Fiona Evelyn, strikes a pose, while curious and/or jealous onlookers wonder just what it is that makes the camera love her so.

I have a feeling that I, being her father, have one rough road ahead.

Piers Comes Home

Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Hi there. How the heck are you?

We brought mom and Piers home from the hospital today. Fiona’s thrilled about it; Ewan is presently undecided, torn between laughing at Piers’ cute babyness and loathing him for stealing hugs and cuddles that, damn it all, are rightfully his, and his alone!

Pictures later.