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Well, Yeah, But They’re Not Real Jews

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

The Anti-Defamation League blasts Ben Stein and the other cretins behind “Expelled.”

The film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed misappropriates the Holocaust and its imagery as a part of its political effort to discredit the scientific community which rejects so-called intelligent design theory.

Hitler did not need Darwin to devise his heinous plan to exterminate the Jewish people and Darwin and evolutionary theory cannot explain Hitler’s genocidal madness.

Using the Holocaust in order to tarnish those who promote the theory of evolution is outrageous and trivializes the complex factors that led to the mass extermination of European Jewry.

God might have resurrected Jesus, but I doubt even He could bring back Ben Stein’s integrity or career.

(found, of course, via PZ Myers)

Update: Over at National Review Online, John Derbyshire – who, when not talking about homosexuals, displays an ability to be rational – also takes Stein to task for the “science leads to killing people” nonsense (see my post below).

He then asks:

And there are NRO readers who are on board with this dreck? I need a drink.

Better get a keg, John – I’m willing to bet that most of the far right is on board with this dreck.

Ben Stein Learns That When You Lie Down With Creationists

Monday, April 28th, 2008

you get up talking lies.

That’s right, he actually said:

“Science leads you to killing people.”



Now go away, Ben, you senile, old, blathering fool.

Sometimes I Miss Alabama

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

Sometimes I don’t.

Follow the link. You have to read it to believe it. It’s like they’ve put stupid in the water.

Update: For the short version, go here. And take note of the fabulous grammar and spelling.

There May Be No Atheists in Foxholes*

Saturday, April 26th, 2008

…but there was in a Humvee under fire in Iraq:

Like hundreds of young men joining the Army in recent years, Jeremy Hall professes a desire to serve his country while it fights terrorism.

But the short and soft-spoken specialist is at the center of a legal controversy. He has filed a lawsuit alleging he’s been harassed and his constitutional rights have been violated because he doesn’t believe in God…

“I was ashamed to say that I was an atheist,” Hall said.

It eventually came out in Iraq in 2007, when he was in a firefight. Hall was a gunner on a Humvee, which took several bullets in its protective shield. Afterward, his commander asked whether he believed in God, Hall said.

“I said, ‘No, but I believe in Plexiglas,”‘ Hall said. “I’ve never believed I was going to a happy place. You get one life. When I die, I’m worm food.”

As you can expect, this went over well. The article has more on what he has experienced and why he is suing. Check it out.

* Of course, there are. Don’t be stupid.

When God Hands You Lemons

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

…have a big glass of Pope-lemonade!

Pope Benedict XVI blessed a group of children with disabilities Saturday and told them it was a special joy to spend time with them.

He spoke at Saint Joseph Seminary in Yonkers, just a few miles north of New York.

“Sometimes, it is challenging to find a reason for what appears only as a difficulty to be overcome or even pain to be endured,” the pope told the children and their caregivers.

“God has blessed you with life and with differing talents and gifts. Through these, you are able to serve him and society in various ways.”

Yes, it certainly is challenging when one is taught that “God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and – oh yeah – love too.” His idea of love and mine would appear to be at significant odds.

Next year, instead of a card and cooking a nice dinner, maybe I’ll get my wife a debilitating disease for her birthday.

Can you feel the love tonight?

And This is Different How?

Friday, April 18th, 2008

Gosh, no other religion is like this:

SAN ANGELO, Texas (AP) — Girls in the West Texas polygamist sect enter into underage marriages without resistance because they are ruthlessly indoctrinated from birth to believe disobedience will lead to their damnation, experts for the state testified Friday at a custody hearing for 416 youngsters.

Whereas in mainstream Christianity, everybody gets a free pony when they die, no matter what.

Maybe It Will Involve Another Coloring Book

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

The Pope is gettin’ serious about man-boy love in the Church:

Traveling on his first papal journey to the United States, Pope Benedict XVI confronted the clergy sex abuse scandal, saying Tuesday that he was “deeply ashamed” of the problem and vowing to keep pedophiles out of the priesthood…

“It is a great suffering for the church in the United States and for the church in general and for me personally that this could happen,” Benedict said. “It is difficult for me to understand how it was possible that priests betray in this way their mission … to these children.”

Just a guess, but it probably had something to do with bishops helping the priests hide in plain sight, an evil and corrupt bureaucracy so enamored of mammon that it would sacrifice our young people to keep the money flowing.

Benedict pledged that pedophiles would not be priests in the Catholic Church.

“We will absolutely exclude pedophiles from the sacred ministry,” Benedict said. “It is more important to have good priests than many priests. We will do everything possible to heal this wound.”

What, are they going to implement something like the questions the ticket agent used to ask you at the airport?

“Mr. O’Malley, have you ever fondled a boy’s wiggledy-woo? No? Very good, very good.”

Wink wink nudge nudge.

That’ll do wonders.

Pedophilia is “absolutely incompatible” with the priesthood, Benedict said.

Uh, dude, I think the last several decades have shown that to be a falsehood. It made for strange bedfellows (you know, old men and young boys), but compatibility sure wasn’t the problem.

The Evil Atheist Overlords Have Spoken

Monday, April 14th, 2008

Verily, I must obey.

We need to get the NCSE’s counter-site to the hideous little propaganda film, Expelled, to rank higher in the search engines. The way to do this is for lots and lots of you to link to the Expelled Exposed site with the word Expelled.

Hence, my offering:


I trust it is found satisfactory by the dark powers that be.

Once Again, the Biblical Truth is Vindicated!

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Take that, evil atheist Nazi evolutionalistic people!

A fossil animal locked in Lebanese limestone has been shown to be an extremely precious discovery – a snake with two legs.

Of course, some are not convinced:

Current evidence suggests that snakes started to emerge less than 150 million years ago.

Two theories compete. One points to a land origin in which lizards started to burrow, and as they adapted to their subterranean existence, their legs were reduced and lost – first the forelimbs and then the hind-limbs.

The second theory considers the origin to be in water, from marine reptiles.

Uh, hello, pardon me, but what about a third theory:

God did it!

That’s right, after Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, God punished the snake by taking away his legs. And He took millions of years to do it, because God doesn’t work on our schedule, He works according to His own plan.

As soon as you’re capable of living for millions of years like that, then maybe you’ll have room to talk and spout your “science” theories as the Truth.

I won’t hold my breath.

(I swear, being a creationist must be so easy – this idiocy practically writes itself!)

Silly, Harmless Beliefs – A Continuing Series, Part 8E+12

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

That’s right: silly, harmless.

A Waukegan mother claimed her 6-year-old daughter attacked her with a butcher knife because the petite kindergartner was possessed by a demon, Lake County authorities said Tuesday.

Nelly Vazquez-Salazar insisted to investigators that she was defending herself when she fatally slashed and stabbed her 51-pound daughter, Evelyn, whom she had grown concerned about in recent months because the girl had started sleepwalking, authorities said…

The little girl was found slain about 4:40 a.m. Monday after Vazquez-Salazar went to a neighbor’s apartment and told them she thought she had killed her daughter.

A bloody butcher knife was found next to the girl, as was a framed religious picture that included St. Joseph, Mary and Jesus Christ, Scheller said. The faces of all three figures had been stabbed, he said.