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I'm All Belinda Carlisle
American Idol Recap
My First Motorola RAZR Post - Because I'm a Goob
Everyone Wants to Go to Heaven
2006 Ford Fusion: Aux Jack for MP3 Players
Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 6.0
Top 100 Random Songs of All Time: #64 - 66
Religion Makes for Strange Bedfellows
How Could Sylvia Browne Be So Wrong?
Do You Think She'd Consider My Backyard?

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January 31, 2007

I'm All Belinda Carlisle

Except, uh, a dude... and not kind of sexy saucy for an older former pop star.

Anyway, I'm going on vacation, taking the wee Fi to see the grandparents down Alabama way.

There will be guest bloggers.

They will blog in a guestlike manner.

And you shall applaud and love them, much as you do me, when you actually bother to stop by and read this blog, which, you know, I've been meaning to talk to you about because it really hurts my feelings and makes me cry and then all I can do is watch Oprah and Dr. Phil and long for a better day...

...and such.

Have fun!

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American Idol Recap

I got nothing.

Sorry, was busy with the Mrs. interviewing a new potential babysitter and then went upstairs to do some work - being dedicated, see - and only caught the tail end of the show, which - truth be told, good lord willin' and the creek don't rise - sounded like a buncha polecats on a hot tin roof bein' beat with a switch, 'cause this is Alabama, y'all.

Or whatever.


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January 29, 2007

My First Motorola RAZR Post - Because I'm a Goob

After several years of owning different, moderately out-of-date Nokia models (one of which met its untimely end in a hot tub) - and with Mrs. WWR having owned the same brick-sized Nokia for nigh on 10 years - we broke down and got new mobile phones. This time out, we chose Motorola.

It was nothing to do with Nokia, oh no my friends; the brand has served this family well, and I do have a certain affinity for Finnish makes given my time in the great land of Suomi. However, when it came to a comparison of price / features / nifty-keen looks, the Motorola RAZR v3 won out.

Mrs. WWR now has the original v3, while I - not inclined to carry a separate digital camera in the diaper bag I also do not cart around everywhere - now own the RAZR v3t, with its megapixel camera.

Things I dig so far:

In short, so far, after a lengthy 96 hours or so, I highly recommend this phone, at least for 96 hours of use.

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Everyone Wants to Go to Heaven

...but no one wants to die to get there.

D. James Kennedy, outspoken anti-science goon and head crook at Coral Ridge Ministries, realizes that nothing fails quite like prayer and opts for modern medicine.

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January 23, 2007

2006 Ford Fusion: Aux Jack for MP3 Players

If you're like me, while you find the six-disc MP3 capability of your 2006 Ford Fusion a nice feature, you'd really rather have some sort of aux jack for plugging in an MP3 player, a laptop, a guitar pedal, an old cassette deck powered by the cigarette lighter, or whatever. Probably the MP3 player (although in my Mazda, I did use a cassette adapter with my laptop to listen to audiobooks).

Well, look no further: instructions for installing an adapter in your 2006 model Fusion.

You people with the 2007, feelin' all fancy with your built-in jack, take that. Although I do envy your all-wheel drive, and I doubt adding that will be as straightforward...

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January 22, 2007

Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash 6.0

The first of our annual parties for 2007 is just around the corner!

Mark your calendars for February 16, for - on that glorious eve - many a-blogger shall gather together to solve the world's problems, dream the impossible dream, and mooch free shots off of the blogger formerly known as Zombyboy.

For details, as we decide upon them, which seems to be taking quite some time, clicky clicky here here.

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Top 100 Random Songs of All Time: #64 - 66

(Updated Monday 1/22 - crikey, two months since last time!)

No haughty "hey, look at how cool I am" top 100 song lists on this blog, no sir!

Instead, I am giving you the top 100 random songs of all time. Every song is carefully selected by yours truly Apple iTunes based on merit and meaning whatever randomizing function iTunes uses to generate the Party Shuffle out of my MP3 library.

So, here we go - the current MP3 file, for better or worse, will remain available until, well, sometime:

#64: "Spiderman" - Moxy Fruvous

#65: "Botch-a-me" - Rosemary Clooney

#66: "Madonna of the Wasps" - Robyn Hitchcock n' the Egyptians

(rest of the songs listed below the fold)

Gimme gimme more more more »

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January 20, 2007

Religion Makes for Strange Bedfellows

Eric at Classical Values has a lengthy post on the idiocy of rightwing mouthpiece Dinesh D'Souza. It's a good read.

Of course, I've known that Mr. D'Souza - while well-educated - isn't much of a thinker, at least since 2003.

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How Could Sylvia Browne Be So Wrong?

Duh. Because psychics are not real.

Montel Williams' psychic pal Sylvia Browne told the family of missing Shawn Hornbeck he was dead shortly after the Missouri boy vanished - and later allegedly offered to help locate his body for $700 per half hour.

She also advised that his body could be found in a wooded area 20 miles from their Richwoods, Mo., home, near two large jagged boulders.

Shawn, now 15, was found alive and well last Friday, living just miles away with a man now charged with snatching the boy when he was 11.

Sadly, though, gullible people and emotionally vulnerable people are very real.

As are shucksters like Sylvia Browne.

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Do You Think She'd Consider My Backyard?

Dear Ms. Barrymore,

I'm part Irish, you know.

Drew Barrymore hasn't totally left her wild child days behind her — she still likes to run naked in Irish wheat fields.

"I'll drive in Ireland and park my car and run out into the field and rip all my clothes off and just run in the wheat fields naked..." she tells this Sunday's PARADE magazine.

Why can't everyone feel this free? Or, uh, at least all the hot women?

I'd even settle for it just being Leeann Tweeden and Scarlet Johanssen. And a big tub of Jell-o. In my backyard. And I'd charge admission.

Awwwww, yeaaahhhh.

Posted by Andy at 12:39 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)

The Headline Should Be...

Storm Worm hits inept computer users around the world.

Posted by Andy at 12:36 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)

January 19, 2007

Me Thinks the Muslim Doth Protest Too Much

Oh boy:

Two years ago, Muslim groups protested when the plot of the hit Fox drama "24" cast Islamic terrorists as the villains who launched a stolen nuclear missile in an attack on America.

Now, after a one-year respite during which Russian separatists played the bad guys on the critically acclaimed series, Muslims are back in the evil spotlight. Unlike last time, when agent Jack Bauer saved the day, the terrorists this time have already succeeded in detonating a nuclear bomb in a Los Angeles suburb.

Being portrayed again as the heartless wrongdoers has drawn renewed protests from Muslim groups, including one that had a meeting with Fox executives two years ago over the issue.

Oh, please.

Do they even watch the show? Yes, the bad guys (at least for the moment) happen to be Islamic fundamentalists. The writers also make a point of showing innocent Muslims being caught up in the trouble. They frame the governmental discussions of internment camps as ludicrous. They make the bigot who attacks Kumar look like a dumb lug of a thug (until Kumar kills him anyway). They don't paint all Muslims as bad guys.

That said, if gay Irish milkmen were blowing up buses and crashing airliners and plotting a global milk empire beholden to Daisy the Cow, I wouldn't be surprised if "24" had Jack Bauer in drag dropping off half gallon bottles and speaking with a brogue about how much he missed Dublin, in particular the cows.

If these groups would spend more time focusing on rescuing Muslim youths from the harm of fundamentalism, and less time worrying about a television show, then maybe the day of gay Irish milkmen on television would be upon us sooner than we can imagine (although I suspect I might be the only one that has imagined it thus far).

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Electric Dreams

Now, for a brief while anyway, you can watch all of the movie Electric Dreams on YouTube. (And the choir sings "amen!")

I noticed this thanks to a Google search that came into the WWR, which lead me back to my July post of music videos from the movie, only to find that most of them had since been removed from YouTube (something about copyrights or whatever, that's my guess, being a smart and all).

So, this is even better. Unless, you know, you hate the movie. Personally, I think any movie involving Virginia Madsen and/or computers that come to life can't be all bad, although Creator came close (saved by the Madsen shower scene).

Here are the first two bits of the movie. You can find the other parts in the sidebar at YouTube.

You're welcome.

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ViewMyLife.Com: Kick Off Party

Because of my esteemed status as an influential Denver blogger, I got an invite to the kickoff party for a new web-based company tomorrow night.

The company is called

Since you are an influential Denver blogger [ed: see, told you so], we wanted you to be the first to know about the global launch of the Denver-based company is a next generation lifestyle site; think MySpace, Facebook and YouTube… but better! offers FREE, secure, simple-to-use tools to document your personal life experiences online without any ads to clutter your personal pages.
Unfortunately, this week has left me pretty drained and I think I'm going to be in bed early tonight and tomorrow night. Also, the party is in the south metro area, and I don't think being (a) dog tired, (b) with a few drinks in me, and (c) more than forty miles from home would really be a good combination (unless you happen to be a bail bondsman).

However, they did say all of my friends (over 21) are invited - and, well, good people, I consider you my friends, even if you don't send me birthday presents and don't know my favorite color and never hold me close during that one scary scene in Poltergeist where the clown doll attacks the kid.

So, here you go: party details can be found here, for those interested.

The party will be streamed live over the internet, something we had discussed doing for a blogger bash, but never did because what happens at the blogger bash stays at the blogger bash, except for that time Goldstein showed up with a camera and posted it at Malkin's Hot Air site. I'm just happy the llamas and gnus and handcuffs had already been hidden away by the time he arrived.

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January 17, 2007

My Vibrating Features Have Been Disabled

Poor, poor PS3.

While I generally favor the PS3, based on what I know, it's entirely possible that I only posted this for the cheesecake.

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January 15, 2007

24: Season 6

Man, what a great show.

Too bad, though, that Kumar went from achin' for a White Castle to desiring jihad.

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January 14, 2007

21st Century Boys

Thrilling fashion news out of Milan:

Milan's fashion designers, having put up the for sale signs on winter collections, launched their ideas on Sunday for what men should be wearing next autumn -- and Dolce & Gabbana said it would be space-age glitter.
Um, no, it shouldn't be and please dear Baby Jesus all cute in your manger, let's hope it won't be.

Ground control to Dolce & Gabbana: You're nuts!

I realize that this is much like auto exhibitions in which they show concept cars that, in the end, barely resemble what rolls off the production line... but the Max Headroom vinyl suit look is so... Max Headroom.

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January 10, 2007

PSA: Save Big Bucks

Hey, look, it's a coupon for Cost Plus World Market: 40% off any single item - even furniture! - until 2/2/07.

You're welcome.

Buy something significant, maybe an ottoman or a desk, not some British cheese that is probably boiled anyway.

Update: I should probably point out that you can USE ONE COUPON EVERY SINGLE DAY.

So, got your eye on a pair of bookcases? You know, like I do? Buy one today and one tomorrow!

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President Bush's Iraq Speech

Well, dang, after watching tonight's speech, I can say it's almost as if President Bush is all grown up and he's gotten his boobies.

Small miracles.

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Advertising Oddities: Part 2

Got a book of local company coupons in the mail today.

Among them was one for "Seamans Co. Painting," a local residential & commercial painting company - over 24 yrs experience, and all work is guaranteed.

Sounds pretty good so far.

Their slogan?

A Professional Job Without the Discount Price!

Well, I'm guessing those "over 24 yrs experience" weren't in marketing and sales.

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PSA: Weight Loss, the Jesus Way

Are you overweight? Are you superstitious? Are you emotionally weak and needy?

Well, do we have just the weight loss cult program for you: Gwen Shamblin's Weigh Down Workshop - the pioneer of cult faith-based weight loss!

(I saw these loonies on television tonight... weird stuff. Just click on through and witness the Bible-zombies singing the virtues of their ridiculously-permed messiah, Gwen Shamblin. People continue to test my incredulity by being so stupid.)

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January 07, 2007

Advertising Oddities

Sometimes I see the strangest ads rotate through the ad banners on this site. It's amusing enough that many of them are religious in nature, but this one really confused me:

Capital Punishment

Browse a huge selection now. Find exactly what you want today.

Apparently, AdSense not only thinks this is a Jesus blog, but a Republican Jesus blog at that.

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Dark Matter Brought to Light

Many times through the life of this blog, while debating with this or that anti-evolution individual about the field of science, I've heard the accusation that some theories, for example that of "dark matter," are non-scientific since they can't be tested.

No, it never made sense to me either, but then understanding science isn't really a strength among those who reject evolution. Regardless, a new article in the Independent describes further physical evidence for the existence of dark matter:

One of the greatest mysteries of the universe is about to be unravelled with the first detailed, three-dimensional map of dark matter - the invisible material that makes up most of the cosmos.

Astronomers announced yesterday that they have achieved the apparently impossible task of creating a picture of something that has defied every attempt to detect it since its existence was first postulated in 1933.


One of the most important discoveries to emerge from the study is that dark matter appears to form an invisible scaffold or skeleton around which the visible universe has formed.

Although cosmologists have theorised that this would be the case, the findings are dramatic proof that their calculations are correct and that, without dark matter, the known universe that we can see would not be able to exist.

"A filamentary web of dark matter is threaded through the entire universe, and acts as scaffolding within which the ordinary matter - including stars, galaxies and planets - can later be built," Dr Massey said. "The most surprising aspect of our map is how unsurprising it is. Overall, we seem to understand really well what happens during the formation of structure and the evolution of the universe," he said.

Sounds pretty well tested and confirmed to me. There was no "pre-Cambrian rabbit" to be found. Now, much like with evolution, the specific details are up for debate and further investigation in the scientific community, a mystery to be solved rather than chalked up to "Goddidit."

Hey, perhaps that lattice-work of dark matter was constructed by an Intelligent Structural Engineer! Could this be a new field of religious study, replete with laughable textbooks, court cases, and videos (starring Kirk Cameron) about how the banana is the most structurally sound construct in the universe?

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January 06, 2007

Oh What a Night

I've got a 3-year old girl, a 1-year old boy, and a 34-year old woman all puking their guts out tonight.

Yay me.

Here's hoping I dodge the bullet.

Update, Sunday night: Bullet not dodged. Presently lodged squarely in my midsection. Will spend tonight sitting on the bed, among other "furnishings." Apologies for TMI.

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Partisan Hacks

Yeah, yeah, I'm talking about Don Surber. Again. Because, you know, thinking is like hard and stuff.

Don, using the headline "Don't Quit the Day Job Nancy," quotes an email that says:

If you listened to the MSM you’d swear that it was Pelosi. As false as most of their impressions are, you’d be wrong listening to them again.

Today’s approval numbers via Rasmussen are:

45% approval for Bush
43% approval for Pelosi

Another MSM conventional wisdom flushed down the toilet….

Oh, if only it were so. Let's make a couple of observations, shall we?

First, the survey regarding Bush deals with "job approval," while the survey regarding Nancy Pelosi deals with whether or not the surveyed individual has a favorable or unfavorable opinion of the new Speaker. While there may be some similarity between the two, the topics are not the same and thus to use them as a point of comparison is a bit silly.

Second, so long as we're being silly and playing the role of partisan hack, let's look at the flip side of the survey results. Bush's job disapproval stands at 54%, while the unfavorable opinion of Pelosi is only 39%. That's a pretty striking difference in contrast to the 2% bump Bush has in the first instance (nevermind that Bush's approval ratings have remained pretty constant over the last year, while Pelosi is on the way up).

So, Surber could just as easily have written a headline like "Nancy Pelosi Less Unpopular Than Bush by 15%" and have been just as "correct" and "meaningful."

Which is to say: not very.

Update: Eugene Volokh notices the same thing, which leads Instapundit to do the same.

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January 05, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

See it, even if you think Al Gore is a robot made of wooden planks.

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January 03, 2007

Crimson Tide Brings in a Dolphin

While I was one of those disappointed when the University of Alabama athletics shmoes fired Mike Shula - and while I continue to think that Mal Moore should be the next one shown to the door (something about "the buck stops here" and "the consonance of his name is annoying") - this sounds good to me:

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) -- Nick Saban landed to chants of "Roll Tide," then stepped off the airplane and made the long trek across the tarmac to greet throngs of screaming Alabama fans.

That feverish reception Wednesday kicked off a "new era" for the Crimson Tide under a coach they're hoping will finally restore the program to championship heights.

Alabama lured Saban from the Miami Dolphins back to the Southeastern Conference with a deal reportedly worth at least $30 million over eight years, the most lucrative in college football.

To Saban's credit, he only has to lose to Auburn the first two to three years and they'll buy him out for the full amount. We should all get such dream jobs.

Hell, I'll put the offer out right now: I'll coach the Crimson Tide for a mere $250,000 a year. What do you have to lose, other than the majority of your games?

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January 02, 2007

Going Nowhere Fast

Apparently sources close to President Bush are part of the cliche-based community:

President Bush is expected to announce his new Iraq strategy in an address to the nation early next week, several sources in Washington told CNN Tuesday.

The president has not yet signed off on any changes, including a possible increase of U.S. troops, according to sources with information about Bush's deliberations on Iraq.

However, the sources say he is "driving toward a conclusion" and a plan is "taking shape" which is "getting more detailed" as the president puts "on the finer points."

Well, that's good news. Maybe now we'll really have those "evildoers" finally "on the run" so we can, once again, "turn a corner" and have the insurgency "in its death throes."

It's like Oval Office MadLibs!

Adding to my worry: the Bush administration didn't change course based on events on the ground, but on Republicans getting their asses handed to them in the last election. So, either they held onto a losing strategy thinking they would win the election, or they dropped a winning strategy in order to pander to the electorate.

Neither is very honorable, if you ask me.

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Why Do People Follow Pat Robertson?

Ah yes, because they're stupid:

VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia — Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson predicted Tuesday a horrific terrorist act on the United States that will result in "mass killing" late in 2007.

"I'm not necessarily saying it's going to be nuclear," he said during his news-and-talk television show "The 700 Club" on the Christian Broadcasting Network. "The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that."

Because, you know, God isn't much for the details.
"I have a relatively good track record," he said. "Sometimes I miss."
Wait, I thought it was God - ye olde omniscient one for the ages - doing the talking. Now it's Pat just making shit up?

Of course it is, you idiots.

In May, Robertson said God told him that storms and possibly a tsunami were to crash into America's coastline in 2006. Even though the U.S. was not hit with a tsunami, Robertson on Tuesday cited last spring's heavy rains and flooding in New England as partly fulfilling the prediction.
Wow, storms crashing into the coastline - such foresight! - as opposed to those hurricanes that form over landlocked Kansas, I guess.

I'm not sure what troubles me more: that people are stupid enough to give money to this charlatan, or that I'm too honest to rip them off too.

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Bill from INDCJournal is posting new entries while in Iraq, having just wrapped up a day with the Marines of Bravo Company, 2nd Assault Amphibious Battalion (did you know that they're amphibious because of intelligent design, thus proving God is real?).

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January 01, 2007

Random: Search Results, Home Furnishings, Self-Analysis

How odd. I appear to be the number one Google result for "tex mex food pictures," and all because of this post, which doesn't even have the pictures, but points you to this post which does.

Apropos of nothing other than seeing what else Google might link to, in the back, you can see our room divider, purchased from Scandinavian Designs (sort of an upscale Ikea) and our slate-tiled kitchen table from American Furniture Warehouse (sort of a ... umm... Sam's Club for home furnishings).

I highly recommend slate-tiled tables because the best way to clean them prior to a big event (or after the punishment that two wee tykes can put on them) is to put all the tiles in the dishwasher.

I also think I'm rambling now, so I'll stop.

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Sneak Preview

In a move sure to have some of the anti-abortion crowd invoking Nazi references, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has recommended every pregnant woman be offered testing for fetal Down Syndrome:

The main reason: Tests far less invasive than the long-used amniocentesis are now widely available, some that can tell in the first trimester the risk of a fetus having Down syndrome or other chromosomal defects.

It's a change that promises to decrease unnecessary amnios -- giving mothers-to-be peace of mind without the ordeal -- while also detecting Down syndrome in moms who otherwise would have gone unchecked.

I've not been faced with the prospect of having a child with Down Syndrome, so I can't say what my choice would be. Caught early enough, I might lean toward discussing ending the pregnancy, before (to my mind) the "personhood" of the fetus is in question.

Anyway, neither here nor there, I'm just mentioning the article as during Fiona's incubatory period within the fertile wombosity of Mrs. WWR, we participated in one of the studies that lead to this recommendation.

The newest method, topping ACOG's recommendation for everyone, is a first-trimester screening that combines blood tests with a simple ultrasound exam, called a "nuchal translucency test" to measure the thickness of the back of the fetal neck.

Studies from England, where the nuchal translucency combo has been used for about a decade, and the U.S. conclude that screening method is more than 80 percent accurate, with a very small risk of falsely indicating Down syndrome in a healthy fetus.

Happily, both of my children came out healthy, putting aside Fiona's dyspraxia, a minor challenge to this day, and Ewan's reluctance to eat anything that doesn't look like (a) boob milk or (b) mashed up bananas with yogurt. Even with their little quirks and challenges, they're the best things to happen to me and I wouldn't trade'em for a buck fiddy and a bacon cheeseburger either.

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