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Gotta Scratch the Itch
Yo Quiero
Like Sheep to the Slaughter
Science News
Another Reminder
Texas A&M
Man's Best Friend
Back By Popular Demand
How Very Strange

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June 30, 2004

Gotta Scratch the Itch

The itch to write, that is. It's been coming back pretty strong of late, so I find myself jotting down ideas, hammering out paragraphs, getting lost in the guitar (hey, music can be written too).

Tonight I came across a small database I had built several months ago to keep track of specific phrases or passages from books I've read, those phrases and passages I thought were excellent, insightful, or simply amusing. I really need to get around to updating it, if only for the inspiration.

I think I blogged some of the database entries a while back, but I'm far too lazy consumed with other matters of great importance to verify that at the moment. So, some of these might be repeats. My apologies.

And if you have zero interest in this, well, plenty of other goodness all over the blog. Or the blogosphere. Except for this site, the sole purpose of which is to convince everyone that the Portuguese like it right up the butt*:

I just arrived from downtown and there are thousands of people in the strees. People hanging in statues, diving at public fountains... fucking shit!!
Fucking shit, indeed. Wipe that thing off, would ya?

Moving right along, nothing to see there, let's get to the quotes:

"The most important things to remember about backstory are that (a) everyone has a history and (b) most of it isn't very interesting."
- Stephen King, On Writing

"For most people there are only two places in the world. Where they live and their TV set."
- Don DeLillo, White Noise

"The greater the scientific advance, the more primitive the fear."
- ibid

Huh. I thought for sure I had put in more than 22 quotes, but, nope, the PC doesn't lie. The PC knows all. Garbage in, garbage out. So, there you go. Make the most of them.

Cripes I need to get around to updating that database. If only for you, the people, the dear readers, the ones who - inexplicably - keep coming back for more. But I thank God everyday for you.

Well, I sometimes nod in a skyward direction.

On accident, like right before a sneeze.

But, if God caught it at just the right time it would look a lot like an acknowledgment of his existence and divine guidance. I bet he wonders why my worship of him always result in an explosive snot fest.

You know, if he existed.

Which he doesn't.

But, hey, free country, believe what you like.

* Naturally, no offense to those of you, male or female, who like it up the butt. To each their own. But I had to find some light-hearted way to mock the funny foreigner who put the WWR in a blogroll called "The Dirty Toilet." Oh, it is to laugh, is it not? Too funny! I suppose this once again confirms the world-wide reputation of the Portuguese for their snarky wit.

Wait, I'm sorry, that would be the British. The Portuguese haven't done so much lately. My mistake.

Posted by Andy at 11:06 PM | Comments (28) | TrackBack (0)


Couple of thoughts:

  1. If one could choose the manner by which they will die, I think that drowning in a giant cardboard tub of Arby's curly fries wouldn't be a half bad way to go.

  2. Jesus is a one-man band!

That's all. Now I'm off to search for soundfonts galore - if anyone knows of any good sites for grabbing soundfonts, or has any cool ones they'd like to share, please drop a comment. If you don't know what soundfonts are, well, don't worry, we still love you.

Posted by Andy at 07:30 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)

Yo Quiero

Mexico's man in charge of border relations with the US wants the Taco Bell dog to replace the bald eagle as the living symbol of the USA.*

* Or perhaps he wants something else with about the same chance of happening.

Posted by Andy at 02:55 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)

Like Sheep to the Slaughter

Fine, fine, for this simile to hold true, they'd have to be sadly predictable, Spanish-speaking, weak-willed, Iberian sheep:

PARIS (AFP) - Al-Qaeda reportedly planned to target Spain as the weakest link of the coalition in Iraq to force its troop pullout, according to a document from the terror network.

"We consider that the Spanish government cannot suffer more than two to three strikes before pulling out (of Iraq) under pressure from its own people," said the document obtained Wednesday by AFP from Raido France International's regional office in Beirut.

"If these (Spanish) forces remain after the strikes, the victory of the socialist party would be near-guaranteed and the pullout of Spanish forces from Iraq would be on its agenda," said the document, distributed ahead of the March 11 attacks in Madrid.

The Islamic terrorists pretty much nailed it with their prediction - an indication that the leadership of Al Qaeda has an astute understanding of the interplay between power and politics, and that the Spanish do not.

Way to go, Spain!

Posted by Andy at 02:52 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)

June 29, 2004

Science News

Cassini sees Michael Moore with a hula-hoop.

Yes, that's mean. Yes, I made the very same joke over at Vodkapundit. Yes, I should hold myself to a higher standard. Yes, even when the target is a lying gasbag film-maker who is adored by sidewalk-puking liberals and the French (who, I'm willing to bet, have almost all been sidewalk-puking liberals at one point or another).

Yes, I'm going to bed now.

Posted by Andy at 09:59 PM | Comments (4) | TrackBack (0)

Another Reminder

When you're reminding me not to have a doctor from Texas A&M (see post below), please also remind me not to move to York, Pennsylvania.

Gimme gimme more more more »

Posted by Andy at 09:52 PM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (2)

Texas A&M turning out some fine scientists:

But for Mandi Vest, a graduate student in plant pathology, an evolution-based class strengthened her belief in creationism.
Sounds like someone was sleeping during class.
Vest said she dated an atheist in high school and during her freshman year of college. That relationship, she said, forced her to question her religion and find the truth.

"I grew up having a strong faith because my parents did," Vest said.

Well, admitting that it had nothing to do with reason, intellect, or argumentative power is a start. But don't worry, Ms. Vest, there are plenty of other theists of all religions who believe for exactly the same reason (or lack thereof).
"But, when my boyfriend didn't believe in anything, I just wanted to know how he felt that way. He was an intelligent person, and I wanted him to believe what I did."
Yes, dear, it must be tough having an intelligent boyfriend who won't dumb himself down to get into your pants, right? I say "bravo!" for him.
"In class, we learned a lot about evolution, and I started realizing that people make a lot of assumptions when they base theories on evolution or naturalism," she said. "But no matter what you believe, you have to have faith. Some people have faith in science; some people have faith in the Bible."
Gosh, and I sure know where I want the nation's science graduates to be placing their "faith." Hmmm, a naturalistic method that time and again has moved humanity toward a greater understanding of ourselves and our world, or an ancient book that says plants and light came before the sun.

And the plant pathologist believes the latter?

God help us.

Let's not forget the up and coming psychologist as well:

Tori Sikes, a psychology graduate student, said she had similar problems interpreting the Bible when she left her hometown of Austin for Vermont's Middlebury College...

Soon Sikes enrolled in a Sufi healing school in California, where she became certified to perform energy healings for other people.

Remarkably, Sikes' energy healings have the same success rate as prayer and Scientology, although the price probably falls somewhere between the two.

Remind me that next time I am in a doctor's office I should check to make sure the diploma isn't from Texas A&M.

Posted by Andy at 07:01 PM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (1)

Man's Best Friend

Not to mention a lot of other people's too.

Toronto — A heavily armed man says he called off plans for an east-end shooting spree Wednesday afternoon following a chance encounter with a friendly dog...

After parking his gun-packed car near Queen Street East and Victoria Park Avenue, he stepped into a nearby park to load his weapons.

There, he said, a playful dog approached him. That encounter apparently changed his mind.

No word on if the dog told him not to kill people. Because, you see, Son of Sam heard his dog say all kinds of crazy stuff about killin' folks. So, maybe the denizens of dogdom have changed their mind on killing the innocent. Kind of like God did, you know, with that flooding the Earth trick and drowning wee babies, but then deciding against such show-offy stunts in the future.

And, hey, did you ever notice that "dog" is "God" backwards, or vice-versa? Also, "pots" is "stop," and "Ralph Nader" is "clueless, capitalist-hating loser."

English is amazing, don't you think?

Sent to the WWR by Jo, who has a site all about horses and mounting them or maybe racing or something; if that's your bag, baby.

Posted by Andy at 11:41 AM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (0)

June 28, 2004

Back By Popular Demand

It's the "Tuesday Recipe," but early, following in the grand tradition of Americans handing power back to the Iraqi people. Consider this our culinary tribute to all that has come before.*

So, a toast to the future of Iraq - and for that, we'll be using Sangria:


  1. In a large pitcher, combine the wine, lemon juice, orange juice, sugar, liqueur, and brandy. Mix well. Add the fruit, cover, and put in the fridge overnight.

  2. Just before serving, add the club soda. Serve with ice and some of the fruit.

I found this recipe here, and I must say that it is damn good.

We had this with chicken in a tropical fruit sauce (a modification of a recipe in the same book, ask me and I'll post it too), mixed vegetables, and one daughter that somewhere along the way decided that everything she loved to eat a month ago now must be thrown on the floor instead. Well, not that we ate our daughter, but some stern looks were certainly given in her direction.


* Seriously, this is a great day for the Iraqi people and I hope their new government becomes a model of the power of the people in the Middle East, rather than the power of a tyrant.

Posted by Andy at 09:32 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)

How Very Strange

Someone left a comment in the "Once Again" post below, essentially stating that if I were running around naked without food, I might not find the Rocky Mountains so beautiful. Point taken, and I suppose a blind man could complain that he can't even see my photos or a legless man could lament how walking around up there would be a real bitch.

Bottom line: it's beautiful up there, and I imagine those with eyes, legs, and the money to get to 12,000 feet would generally agree.

However, that's not the strange part. Movable Type e-mailed me a copy of the comment that was left, and I had intended to reply in the comments box, but when I went there, the comment was nowhere to be found. My first thought was that perhaps MT-Blacklist had denied the comment due to some string of characters in it, but the Activity Log shows no denial of that IP address. I've refreshed to replace any previous version in my cache, but nothing.

How very strange.

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June 25, 2004

Random Observations to Take Up Space

So, how's your weekend?

Posted by Andy at 11:30 PM | Comments (4) | TrackBack (0)

June 24, 2004

Once Again

You wish you lived here, don't you?

A few pictures taken today in Rocky

Mountain National Park

Posted by Andy at 10:16 PM | Comments (7) | TrackBack (0)

The Ways of the Blog

Did you know this?

Taking words from my blog without permission is SOOO UNCOOL!!
Thus spake an ordinary Dutch girl, posting thoughts, who apparently doesn't have a clue about how blogs work and how blog discussions are executed. And who, for some reason, also thinks "Andy" is a girl's name. Now, granted, put me in a dress and I'm probably quite pretty, but I'm all male with the meat and two veg.

Anyway, who the hell asks for permission before quoting someone's blog? I excerpted the text - provided a link back to the source - and then wrote this.

Lord, woman, if a blogger had to ask permission everytime he or she (possibly named Andy, the newest in unisex names) quoted someone (who might also be an Andy, male or female, according to the ordinary Dutch girl, posting thoughts), blogging would be pretty damn boring.

Tell me - when you engage in a discussion with someone, do you require them to ask for permission before they repeat back to you anything you might have said? If you do, then I imagine you don't have many friends willing to engage you in verbal intercourse.

In closing, I'll happily quote with attribution back to the original source.

But asking permission? Don't hold your breath.

Update: Be sure to visit the comments over at the cited blog and watch as a global campaign of computer-laden male virgins comes together to support the ordinary Dutch girl, posting thoughts, in the hopes of getting into her ordinary Dutch pants.

Nothing against JustAGirl. I linked to her original post because I found it amusing and wanted to comment on it (you know, sort of the way, oh, blogs work). I'm more amused by the idiot brigade coming to her aide, when she's hardly an ordinary Dutch damsel in distress, posting thoughts.

Ah well, it's livened up an otherwise long Thursday - dead tired from doing a grand loop from Denver, through Estes Park, through Rocky Mountain National Park, down through Granby and into Idaho Springs for a late lunch, then back home. Total clicks: about 200. And nary an argument with my mother.

A first!

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Away for the Day

Hi kids! We're taking the folks up to Rocky Mountain National Park today, so blogging will be non-existent, at least until this evening.

Have a good day!

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June 22, 2004

Another Reason to Drink*

Red wine is good for you - and for solar cells!

University of Toledo researchers have found a way to increase energy production using red wine.

One challenge in making solar cells more efficient is countering the effects of bad spots. These spots drain current, making devices like solar cells less efficient.

The researchers fixed the problem by using red wine to cause electrochemical reactions where the currents are drawn to the bad spots that blocked those spots.

Alcohol - its wonders know no bounds!

* Not that you need a reason other than "Ooh, a drink in front of me."

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June 21, 2004

Spread the Good News

Atheism, much like Jesus some two thousand years ago, is on the rise (although without the whole be-boppin' back from the dead business, if you're into that sort of thing):

The Barna Research Group is a national leader in tracking religious trends.

The group estimates that 12% of the population in the United States is atheist or agnostic. In Minnesota, that percentage translates into more than 500,000 nonbelievers.

A Minnesota Poll commissioned by a local newspaper in December showed the number of people in the state who "definitely believe in God" decreasing since 1984 -- from 84% to 78%.

For those about to be heretics, we salute you.

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Money Can't Buy Me Love

Someone's virginity, on the other hand:

These days you can put almost anything on sale on the Web, but a 19-year-old British student has pushed the boundaries one step further. David Vardy, a student at Bournemouth University on the south coast of England, has put his virginity up for sale on eBay.
Just think, ladies, you can pay thousands of dollars to have sex with a young man who has no idea how to please you.
He insists that his unique method of trying to lose his virginity is not a form of prostitution and that he will not back out of the auction at the last minute.
That's good, because it's never as satisfying when you pull out early.

Cripes, scrapin' the bottom of the barrel today, aren't I?

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OK, fine, I say "screw being serious today."

Posted by Andy at 01:15 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)

The Joy of Blog


I don't feel like 'self sex'. I've grown to love those words, just the words, sex with others is so much better. Or I should say; sex with Boyfriend is so much better. Sometimes I feel so lonely after masturbating and thinking about that feeling just takes the joy of the whole thing away. So I guess I'll go blog walking instead.
One could always multi-task, bloghopping with one hand. Speaking only for myself, if the choice were between a little attention to self (not that I do that, because it's a sin and will put you on the fast road to Hell, and let's not even get on the subject of hairy palms and carpal tunnel disease, which are God's punishment for rejecting the natural order of things) - um, anyway, if the choice were between that and my blogging for the rest of eternity, well, let me suggest that you stock up on some shares of KMB.*

OK, time to get serious with the blogging before the lunch hour is up.

* Kimberly-Clark Corporation, makers of this stuff.

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Big, Hot, Breaking News

Ralph Nader has chosen his running mate:

Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader (search) selected longtime Green Party activist Peter Camejo to be his running mate on Monday, a move sure to boost his chances of w...



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Movie Reviews (In Five Words Or Less, Per Jeff G)

Eurotrip: Hey, you're not David Spade!

Now, something more lengthy:

This movie was, surprisingly, enjoyable. And what could be more fun than, with your parents on the sofa next to you, watching the silly, raunchy, and inept sexcapades of young adults on a quest for love in Europe? I mean, aside from having your own sexcapades in Europe (preferably without your parents present)?

And did you know that Jessica Böhrs, who plays the love interest, is also the lead singer for the German techno-pop band Novaspace, which is apparently rather popular in Germany, much like David Hasselhoff?

I didn't either, but I do know that she takes her clothes off in the movie.

In fact, a lot of people take their clothes off in this movie.

Except for David Hasselhoff. Small miracles and all that.

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June 20, 2004

Taking the Day Off

Why? Because I'm a father, and, goshdarnit, I deserve it.

Have a good Sunday!

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June 19, 2004

Take The Keys

username: guest
password: bigdummy
url for login: clicky clicky

...enjoy. Have fun. Shalom (for Esther).

Update: It's 8:30am in beautiful overcast and chilly Colorado. The lazy-blogging fun will end in 30 minutes, until the next time.

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Daily Show Clip Anyone?

This is a pretty cool idea, I dig the lazy blogging aspect.

Anyways, I'll try and provide some "real" blogging (read- clever way to plug for my site). Jon Stewart ripped on the State Dept. Global Terror Report in this jab at the eight page of corrections:

“The first page or two: honest errors. Third page? Uhhhhh… perhaps a questionable half-truth. By page six? You’re f*ckin’ lying. {laughter}”

Daily Show on State Dept. Global Terror Report

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On Spiders and Moadonna

Actually, I wasn't going to pimp my own blog, but I wanted to ask a question - why is the web a web? Why isn't it some other creation of some other animal? We're all accustomed to thinking of a spider creating this elaborate structure, but what if Al Gore had decided to use a different model - say, a bird's nest? All of the twigs in the bird's nest are tangled together, and mama bird constantly flies away from the nest to go to other places while the newbie birds just sit around and deal with worms. If anyone has any answers, please let me know. (Courtesy oempoweb)

Posted by at 02:05 AM | Comments (3) | TrackBack (0)

New Campaign posters for Kerry

I'm pimpin':

Caged Hamster for president!

Cheers, and thanks for the opportunity, Andy.

Posted by at 12:44 AM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)

Is this for real?

Good God you have an amazing amount of trust in the Internet. :-)

Sorry I don't have anything more meaningful to say.

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June 18, 2004

Boosting my site's rankings.

It would be wrong of me to use this to boost only my own site...

...Okay. The three best blogs you're not reading right now:

Josh Claybourn's site. Good debates and a great host.

Paul Musgrave's site. History, politics, and a conservative tint.

Jason Kuznicki's site. Funny, offbeat, and amazingly well-written.

Posted by at 11:32 PM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0)

I believe!

The Lord is my shepherd. Praise him. Praise him praise him praise him praise him!


Oh. And let's give this whole "evolution" thing a rest too, for Chrissakes, shall we?

Amen 2.

Posted by at 10:35 PM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (0)

Gmail for the troops

Oooh lookie at me posting on someone else's blog!

Well, I might as well make good use of the opportunity!

I don't understand the hype and hoopla over Gmail, Google's new email offering. *yawwwn* Pfft! I have plenty of email addresses already, thank you. People are offering all kinds of insanity in return for one of the highly coveted Gmail invites ... a quick perusal of shows the silliness that abounds, along with some serious offers from some that are obviously quite desperate.

So, got a spare invite or two? How about donating it to our troops?

Oh ... and previous guest, I know who ya are! =D

Posted by at 09:50 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (1)

fark it all

Welcome to the World of Andy's Lazy Ass Way of Filling Blog Space. I say "ass" a lot in this post.

First, I resent the password of big dummy. Ass slapper would have been more appropriate. Or ass slappee.

Something you don't know is that Andy and I have a super secret relationship. We can often be found virtually slapping each other's asses in emails throughout the day. Hey, if it feels good, do it.

Sometimes we talk about other things, but when the conversation turns to Andy's fellow Colorado bloggers Stephen or Jeff, Andy gets jealous and cuts off my ass slapping so I have to stop.

I really would rather not link to anything I wrote today as I was in ogre mode and I'm not very proud of my ogre moments.

Another thing Andy and I try to talk about is music, but we have such different tastes that he usually just tells me to shut up because the music I like is poo.

I'm digging that Franz Ferdinand band, though. That sounds like something Andy would like. Maybe. If not, he'll just slap my ass and call me a nasty name.

God, I misss that.

Come back to me, Andy.

Speaking of Andy, how about that Sullivan, eh?

Sigh. In the immortal words of me posting at Fark:

/got nuthin'

Hey, you have no idea who this is, do you? Heh.

Posted by at 08:44 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)

I Need a Topic - or a Guest Post

Being slammed at work, and then being tired when I get home, has kept me from (usually) perusing the news and offering my esteemed opinion on topics of all sorts and great interest to you, the reading public. So, I'd like to work more toward longer posts in which I tell you how to think on a certain subject. You read the post, realize the error of your ways, and then thank me for setting you straight. You see, I live to serve.

So, if you have a topic idea, drop it in the comments and perhaps I'll address it, giving you the centuries of insight I've packed into my thirty-two years. And if I can't do that, maybe I'll just make something up and call it fact (hey, if Michael Moore can do it, so can I!).

Oh, and I figure maybe I'll open up the blog to guest posters tonight. OK, I will.

Username: guest
Password: bigdummy

URL: click here.

Go on, pimp your blog, link to something you've written that is interesting, and we'll all enjoy the 3 posts that show up in the next 72 hours.

God bless us everyone.

Posted by Andy at 06:53 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)

Good News, Bad News

First, the bad news:

Al Qaeda militants kept a pledge to kill their American hostage, posting three chilling photographs Friday on an Islamist Web site to prove they had beheaded Paul Johnson Jr.
Condolences to Mr. Johnson's family and loved ones.

And, now, the good news:

Abdel Aziz al-Muqrin, the leader of al Qaeda's cell in Saudi Arabia, was killed, Saudi security sources told CNN.

He was killed while disposing of Johnson's body, the Arabic-language television network Al-Arabiya reported.

Good riddance and rot in hell, you sorry bastard. Times like these are the few when being an atheist doesn't bring the same satisfaction that believing in eternal punishment would. At least he's dead; here's hoping it was an agonizingly painful exit from this world.

Both stories at CNN.

Posted by Andy at 06:12 PM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (1)

June 16, 2004

First Joey

Now Johnny:

The guitarist with pioneering punk rock band the Ramones is fighting a losing battle with cancer in a Los Angeles hospital, Rolling Stone magazine reported on its Web site on Tuesday.
The Rock and Roll Lifestyle claims another. Or not.
"Johnny's been a champ in confronting this, but at this point I think the chances are slim," Marky Ramone said in the report. "John never smoked cigarettes, he wasn't a heavy drinker and he was always into his health. It just proves when cancer seeks a body to penetrate, it doesn't matter how healthy you are or how unhealthy you are. It just seeps in and there's nothing you can do."
Tons of WWR thoughts of goodness being directed Johnny's way. This will probably prove about as effective as intercessionary prayer or perhaps rubbing my dog's buttocks with olive oil and sage leaves while chanting various six-syllable words backwards. So, let's just leave it at being hopeful that modern medicine will work a (fully explainable, because that's science, you see) "miracle."

Posted by Andy at 07:05 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0)

Our Friends the Saudis, Chapter 1.02E+8

Maybe it's something in the water - or sand, they have a lot of that:

Last month, an attack on contractors at the Saudi oil facility in Yanbu killed six Westerners, two of them Americans. Senior Saudi officials told the world al-Qaida terrorists were to blame and al-Qaida claimed responsibility.

But tape obtained by NBC News reveals that, inside Saudi Arabia, on Saudi television, Crown Prince Abdullah told a strikingly different story about who was to blame.

NBC News translated Abdullah's remarks from Arabic: “Zionism is behind it. It has become clear now. It has become clear to us. I don’t say, I mean... It is not 100 percent, but 95 percent that the Zionist hands are behind what happened..."

Prince Nayef, the Saudi Interior Minister said, “Al-Qaida is backed by Israel and Zionism.”

Of course they are. Why, only a blind man could miss how Israel really wants to see the world overrun with Muslim fundamentalism. One need only look at Israel, and Israelis in general, to see how backwards they are, what with the religious monarchy, oppression of women, and educational systems teaching a hatred of the West.

And, stay with me on this one because it wasn't widely reported, but the lead hijacker on Sept. 11 was not Mohammad Atta - no, no, my friend, his name was Mohammad Atta Goldstein! Coincidence?

And, Meryl Yourish, just where were you on the evening of September 10, 2001?

What about terror mastermind Allison Kaplan Sommer? Did you know that Allison Kaplan Sommer is an anagram for "Abu Musab al-Zarqawi?" Well, now you do - at least if you've a creative eye!

Posted by Andy at 08:15 AM | Comments (1) | TrackBack (2)

June 15, 2004

That's Just Nasty

Mmmm, haggis. With pictures. Split-open stomach with charred Invasion of the Body Snatchers goo creme filling pictures.

At least the wine sounds nice.

Posted by Andy at 12:11 AM | Comments (7) | TrackBack (1)

June 14, 2004

Systematic Sampling and the Meme that Wasn't

How boring would it be if you turned from your laptop to look at your bookcases and then wrote a post listing every tenth book on the shelf (reading top to bottom, left to right)? About this boring...

Gimme gimme more more more »

Posted by Andy at 08:14 PM | Comments (4) | TrackBack (0)

Michael Moore

Selected excerpts from the July 2004 Playboy Interview:

On Bush's intelligence: "He is not a very bright man. Like a lot of people who aren't very bright, he knows the best way to get ahead is to be around smart people. That's survival instinct, not brains."

On the bag of chips at the interviewer's side: "Hey, are you gonna eat all those?"

On the title of Fahrenheit 9/11: "[It's] the temperature of hysteria that has allowed the Bush administration to get away with a series of unconscionable acts since 9/11. They used the 3,000 victims of the terrorist attack as a cover to enact their own right-wing agenda."

On the science of kinetic energy and the literature of Ray Bradbury: "Clearly, I'm an idiot on both counts. Clever title for my movie, though, huh? Originally it was called 'smirk Halliburton abu-gha-rape.'"

On his attraction to Hillary Clinton: "I've always been attracted to her....Hillary is not uptight at all. She's got a great sense of humor. She's got the best laugh. She's feisty. I like women who are strong and smart."

On women who are feisty, strong, and smart: "They like me for my money. Hey, are you gonna eat all those or what, toothpick?"

Posted by Andy at 07:43 PM | Comments (13) | TrackBack (0)

Your Information, Please

Apparently someone somewhere is debating online newspaper sites that require registration to read the articles:

The requirement has irked some readers and privacy advocates, led to the creation of Web sites to foil the system, and could be failing to provide the solid demographic information that the system was intended to capture.
No, really, my name is Joe Bologna, and I happen to be an 80 year old woman making $200,000 per year while living in a place with a ZIP code that might be Montana (or Mississippi, sometimes I use that) and my e-mail address really is

Why would they doubt me?

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Calling All Dorks

Click here.

And if you must, really must, dance around your room in your underwear while watching this, please pull the blinds down and spare us.

Not that Tim is a dork or anything. Or, if he is, there's certainly nothing wrong with it. Now, that Christianity gig of his, that's different...

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National Tragedy

I suppose everyone has read the news today. Seen how it all turned out. I guess, from previous experience in this area, we also all sort of knew it would come to this. It's a sad day for America. So sad. All because of custody issues.

Yes, that's right, Courtney Cox was allowed to name her baby girl Coco.

Coco Cox. I'm coo-coo for Coco Cox.

The humanity!

Well, yeah, sure, she could use the last name Arquette - but Coco still is a silly name.

P.S. Who the hell designed the new Fox News homepage? It now looks like a few stories tucked in between big ass advertisements (some of which, if tradition holds, will be for Victoria's Secret, so it ain't all bad, sugar).

And, ooh, they've now got Fox Blogs... time to go a-huntin'...

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From the Bookshelf

Just finished Elaine Pagel's Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas:

Shortly after Elaine Pagels’ two-and-half-year-old son was diagnosed with a rare lung disease, the religion professor found herself drawn to a Christian church again for the first time in many years. In Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas Pagels, best know for her National Book Award-winning The Gnostic Gospels, wrestles with her own faith as she struggles to understand when--and why--Christianity became associated almost exclusively with the ideas codified in the fourth-century Nicene Creed and in the canonical texts of the New Testament. In her exploration, she uncovers the richness and diversity of Christian philosophy that has only become available since the discovery of the Nag Hammadi texts.
Much of interest here, unless, of course, you're that variety of Christian who will respond to anything new and challenging with "I don't believe it! That's not what the Bible says!" - nevermind the fact that "what the Bible says" and how it came to say it are a substantial part of the book.

Dive into an examination of the man-with-God-within versus man-apart-from-God; the divinity (or not so much) of Jesus Christ; the disconnects between the Book of John and the other three writer-type guys; and Constantine's great plan for unifying the Church and its beliefs by law (and, by, uh, oppression of Jews and anything seen as heresy via the magic of taxation and burning at the stake - something about death and taxes, eh?).

Mmm, mmm, good readin'.

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June 12, 2004

A Prayer Before Dying

Over the last couple of years, my view of the death penalty has gone from a very pro-penalty stance to a more moderate opinion that the penalty is just, but the execution of it (no pun intended) leaves much to be desired. When humanity is swayed in whether to take a life as payment for a crime due to the elections of district attorneys, the in-court sleeping habits of lawyers, and the ugly undercurrents of racism, I simply don't think we can apply the punishment with any chance of true justice and fairness.

Now, in a case like that of Terry Nichols, I might be swayed to put my doubts aside and see him sent on his merry way to the undiscovered country. However, after being convicted of ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE counts of murder - innocent men, women, and children going about their Oklahoma City lives on April 19, 1995 blown to pieces - Nichols has dodged death, something his unwitting victims never had a chance to do.

How? By converting to Christianity in prison.

During the sentencing portion of his trial, defense witnesses testified that Nichols had worn out four Bibles through prayer and research, and that he wrote an 83-page letter to a prayer partner in Michigan while trying to make a point about Christian faith.
I'm going to guess that the point was not "if you convert while in prison, people who already share the same irrational belief will be nice to you." First, because that's hardly 83 pages, and, second, because pointing out that you're simply manipulating the shmoes in the jury box probably wouldn't win their Jesus-covered hearts to your side of argument.
Lane said he believes Nichols was spared because of "sympathy issues" among some jurors, including for his religious conversion — one that prosecutors said conveniently began about the time state murder charges were filed against him.
Huh, you think?

What's truly disgusting, though, is that any member of the jury would have a different opinion of the man simply because he adopted their belief system, sincerely or otherwise. Regardless of whether Terry Nichols is an atheist, Buddhist, Christian, or Mormon polygamist, his victims are all. still. dead. Regardless of his religious persuasion, his crime remains the same. Regardless of the facts of the case, the implied message from the jurors in question is clear:

"If you're not Christian, you're less deserving of sympathy or mercy. You're less capable of regret You're less of a human being."

And that is just as wrong as any racism.

Update: Ooh, look, another big house finder o' the Big Guy - and with a blog. I wonder if his blog ever told him to kill.

Via Leather Penguin by way of Jeff G.

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Just a heads up that blogging will be light for the rest of the weekend due to a mystical confluence of events that also serves as a sign to the faithful that the Anti-Christ is alive and kickin', or perhaps just the following rather ordinary things:

Enjoy your weekend, and we'll chat soon.

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When Politics and God Collide

Oh, why do I pick on Jen so? Because it's so easy!

So many of us in this country have been united in our sorrow, our love, our gratitude and our joy for his life in marking President Reagan's service and his earthly passing and I hope we keep that feeling of love of country and love of Liberty, as President Reagan so embodied in his life and work, because this is his enduring legacy.

It only shows that even in his death, Reagan continues to bless us as only a true servant of God can.

United in sorrow. United in love of country. United in love of liberty.

I can think of one day, almost three years ago, when America was just that - and it was due to the crazed followers of Islamic fundamentalism attacking our nation and slaughtering our countrymen. It was a sorrowful time - yet, our response as a nation was moving and amazing and made me proud to be American.

I guess Jen is saying that the hijackers were true servants of God, what with how they blessed us with finding ourselves again. She's a fundamentalist kook, so I shouldn't be surprised that she identifies with other fundy kooks, should I?

OK, that was unfair - let's revise it to say that Jen is, once again, making a baseless assertion forging a link between Christianity and being a True American. Sadly, the link between being a complete bonehead and a fundy is soundly intact.


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June 10, 2004


The man, the politician, the legacy. It closes:

This essay is now about to end rather inconclusively and probably unsatisfactorily for most people, but I cannot reduce Ronald Reagan to a one-dimensional cutout. Painting complex issues in stark black and white is the tactic of his successors, and is one that I am loathe to undertake. There is such a thing as liberal fundamentalism you know, and it is just as intellectually vacuous as the conservative kind.

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He's Not a Doctor...

But he plays one in the Church of Scientology:

Actor Tom Cruise has opened a detox centre in New York for rescue workers exposed to toxic material during the 11 September attacks on the US in 2001...

The alternative treatment, outlined in Hubbard's book Clear Body, Clear Mind, uses "exercise, sauna sweat-out, vitamins and minerals" to help rescue workers cleanse their bodies of toxic materials.

I suspect this will be about as effective as, oh, say... intercessionary prayer. Well, a tiny bit more so as at least we have solid evidence that exercise and vitamins can do a body good.

As for it actually saving anyone, I'd say it's about as scientifically valid as if Cruise claimed to have opened a center where things fall upward and a puddle isn't wet.

I imagine this is more of a "captive audience for preaching our nonsense" situation than anything else.

One Mo'Thing: A very recent article on the Scientology drug detox program, which advocates many of the same approaches, is taken to task here.

Now, if you'll pardon me, I have to drink a couple of beers to totally mess up my Thetan.

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One Nation, Debajo de Dios

And where we speaky the Engrish, damnit! (says Michelle Malkin)

Two politicians in Maryland are now in trouble for stating the obvious: People who work in customer service should speak English.
No, they shouldn't.

Correction: they should, if the person calling speaks English. If the person calling speaks Spanish, a business-person who wants that customer's business should hire a Spanish-speaking customer service agent, or just have the English-speaking ones talk slowly and add an "o" to every word.

And out-of-control multiculturalism is to blame for the failure to preserve America's common language.
"Failure to preserve America's common language?"

Well, goodness, this would certainly explain why when I went to work today, went to Arby's, picked up some groceries, and said hello to someone on the street, every single one of them looked at me with confusion in their eyes and then babbled at me in an alien tongue. It's so clear - no one speaks English anymore!

¿Dónde está la casa de Pepe? La casa de Pepe está allá.

Gimme gimme more more more »

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June 09, 2004

Aww, C'mon, Just One?

Unfortunate headline:

Bush Sees Possible NATO Role for Iraq, Not Chirac
Damn, and here we were looking forward to a NATO bomb taking out the Elysee Palace.

(found via the Bobblehead pimp)

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It's The Thought That Counts?

So, I'm over visiting Jeff Goldstein's blog (relatively unknown little place, actually, but you'll love what he's done with the curtains and you can't even really tell that he's only updated the look by painting over the 70s wood paneling). Errr, anyway, so I'm over there and I noticed his BlogAds.

Well, one of them.

This one:




I'm sorry, but for whom exactly would this be a great present for Father's Day? An absent father who abused you one last time before walking out the door for good?

Now, this would make a great gift. Or this, if it's in the budget. Or even this, if we're just being absurd, yet strangely hopeful, and with a plan to buy stock in Kleenex as we dream about waking up to find it and a card on the big day.

The only person a Father's Day Bobblehead Doll will be good for is the proctologist when I tell my kid to shove it up their ass.

(Oh, please, people - I'd never do that. I'd just try to return the thing, buy something else, and then lament to my kid how Jesse was stolen by a pack of Bobblehead thieves)

Update: So, Jeff comments and says something like "Hey, you failed to mention that the green shag is now Scotch-garded low-pile comfy stuff, oh, and the bobbleheads raise money for a cancer charity, you insensitive wanker who hates all people with some variety of cells that are growing out of control."

Fine, fine, ok - buy the Jesse bobblehead to help cancer victims (done the skin cancer thing myself, no fun) - but then burn it.

Note: If you like getting bobblehead dolls of racist preacher / politicians with a knack for crappy attempts at poetic delivery of statements about injustice (so you're the one!), then you have my apologies.

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If At First You Don't Succeed

Try, try the accused again:

The Russian Supreme Court ordered a physicist Wednesday to stand trial again on espionage charges, overturning a jury's acquittal that had been celebrated as a triumph of Russia's post-Soviet legal reform...

"The Supreme Court is closely aligned with the state; it had a duty and it fulfilled it as expected," Sergei Pashin, a former judge and one of Russia's top experts on legal reform, told The Associated Press.

How could you not love a legal system whose motto is "Innocent until the state gets the verdict they want?"

As War Liberal says:

At least when the Communists were in charge, you knew you'd be found guilty and could get on with the sentence. When is Putin going to give up and have himself named Tsar Vladimir I?
You mean he hasn't already?

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A Warning

Do not, under any circumstances, click the "read on" (or "gimme more," if you're viewing this in the archive) link below.


I mean it.

Well, ok, if you must.

Gimme gimme more more more »

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June 08, 2004

Waste Not, Want Not

It looks like the Pentagon is blowing our tax dollars:

The Defense Department spent an estimated $100 million for airline tickets that were not used over a six-year period and failed to seek refunds even though the tickets were reimbursable, congressional investigators say.
Lest we let an institutionalized managerial issue be resolved in a timely fashion, the best bet is to blame it on the latest party in power:
"At a time when our soldiers are patrolling the streets of Iraq in unarmored Humvees, and when the Bush Administration is asking for record Defense spending, Secretary (Donald H.) Rumsfeld is letting hundreds of millions of dollars that could be used to protect our troops and our country go to waste," said Rep. Jan Schakowsky (search), D-Ill., one of three lawmakers who ordered the studies.

The GAO estimated that between 1997 and 2003, the Defense Department bought at least $100 million in tickets that were not used or used only partially by a passenger who did not complete all legs of a flight. The waste went undetected because the department relied on individuals to report the unused tickets.They did not do so.

Now, I - granted - am no master of the magical time machine o'wish-I-may-wish-I-might, but Rumsfeld didn't even get put in charge of the DoD house until January 20, 2001. Counting on my right hand only, that leaves 1997... 1998... 1999... 2000 ... why, FOUR YEARS, for someone in the Clinton Administration to figure this shit out (and god forbid I have to bring my thumb into my counting, because we all know what that means!).

I can, however, agree with a fairly blunt, non-partisan assessment like this:

Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, another lawmaker who ordered the studies, said, "It's outrageous that the Defense Department would be sending additional federal tax dollars to the airlines by way of unused passenger tickets. And the fact that the Defense Department didn't even know it was wasting this money is even worse than $100 million down a rathole."
Yes, there are problems. Yes, the DoD could save themselves much grief by hiring someone like... ohhhh.... ME, to help them with their internal processes, to the tune of $ButtLoad per hour. However, to turn this into a chance to slam Rumsfeld for the sins of the father, well, piss off you opportunistic fucktards.

Pardon mon Français.

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Breaking News

My new shoes arrived today from - and there was much rejoicing. I bought this pair and this pair, if anyone is curious. I know at least once a day I get an e-mail from a reader asking "Hey, what's on your feet?"

Now you know.

Unless, that is, I opt to wear one of the pairs I owned previously, in which case the mystery continues. Someone should start a cult around it.

I'll make the Kool-Aid.

Also contemplating a change of look for the World Wide Rant - I've grown weary of the blue, the grey, but not. The. Monkey. No, the monkey shall continue to thrive in whatever incarnation might this way come. Work is going to be busy for the next few months, so I'm thinking of maybe moving to a more David Sedaris-like essay format on a range of topics, except probably less successful (although at least as sardonic) and definitely not nearly as gay (not that there is anything wrong with that).

However, that might turn out to be too much like the dreaded e-word, "effort." So maybe snarky takes on the politics and religion will have to do.

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Bigmouth Strikes Again

It's a good thing I'm one of those enlightened individuals who can separate an artist from their opinions, otherwise I'd have to throw out all my Smiths tapes and CDs (kind of like the way Michele got to keep her extensive collection of Dixie Chicks memorabilia - including a Natalie Manes / Ron Jeremy homemade sex tape - , and Steve Green held on to his inflatable Viggo Mortensen "Kiss the King" doll).

Maybe I could just delete whatever solo Morrissey MP3s I might have*, since I never found them all that interesting.

* Or might not have, Mr. Agent Man with your Echelon-powered snooping, and shouldn't you be going after child pornographers anyway?

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June 06, 2004

Expand Your Mind

This is cool.

That is all.

Found via Colin Gregory Palmer, whose London Journal I've been enjoying since stumbling across it via Orkut.

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Weekend Reviews

Mecca lecca hi mecca hiney ho, neighbors. Welcome to the obligatory, or not so much, Sunday evening post (hey, that could be a newspaper name even - tres clever!). Anyway, a couple of reviews for you, one of them in five words or less.

First, the wife and I trekked out to the Colorado Chautauqua last night.

"Chautauqua," for those of you who aren't up on your linguistic trivia, means:

A large parcel of land with a nice open-air auditorium and dining hall located in a city of smelly, far-left fringe dwellers who love fresh air (unless patchouli is available) and clean water (so long as they don't actually have to get any on them).
OK, actually, it means:
A meeting, usually held in the summer outdoors or under a temporary tent, providing public lectures combined with entertainment such as concerts and plays. It originated in the village of Chautauqua, N. Y., in 1874, and was popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Sure, sure, the second one is the "proper" definition, but if you had been eating dinner in the Boulder area last night you'd think the first one was spot on as well.

So, at Chautauqua - choose your definition - we spent an evening with David Wilcox. It was an intimate evening, despite the presence of a few hundred other people all around us, but then anyone who has been to one of David's shows probably understands just how possible that is. And if they don't, well, then they're just dumb and their opinion doesn't matter, so, moving right along.

*Ahem* Yes, an intimate evening of terrific music, just David, his guitar, his songs, and the lost art of storytelling. It had been a couple of years since I'd seen David play live, and somewhere in that span he seems to have found a wee bit more of Jesus. Normally, I'd say that's a bad thing, but when it inspires an artist to be better, to make music that talks to you with something other than "buy this album and line my producer's pockets!" well, then it just might be something special.

The wife (it was her first live David show) said she wondered what I thought about the several religion-tinged tunes. My answer was pretty much the same as above. If more Christian musicians took David's approach to their songwriting, I might have more respect for the genre.

As it stands, most Christian pop music is about as subtle as a love song from a gangsta rapper ("Oh, yeah, wanna get funky on that ass, yo!") - or "Brown Eyed Girl," for that matter. But not David - he sings of faith and hope, without preaching - of love, without sounding absolutely ridiculous - and of unity, without demanding we all follow his path.

It was a beautiful evening.

Oh yeah, I promised one other review. OK, here it is:


Plot holes but mmmmm, Halle.
In closing, no - no Reagan posts here. Being a mere thirty-two years of age, my only real memories of him as a politician are that he got shot by a guy trying to impress Jodie Foster, that he spent the Soviet Union along the path to collapse, and that he got caught joking before a telecast about bombing Russia in five minutes. Regardless, given the nature of Alzheimer's, Ronald Reagan - as we remember him - died years ago, and this was just the passing of the shell that once contained the man so many loved and loathed. My best wishes to his family, and my only comment that they should feel no guilt as being relieved in his passing. It's an ugly disease that claims more than just the victim.

OK, see you folks later.

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June 05, 2004

You Can Take The Man Out of the KGB...

...but you can't take the KGB yada yada.

One of Russia's most outspoken television broadcasters has been fired after he aired a program against the wishes of the government and then objected angrily when the broadcast was abruptly halted.

The firing of the broadcaster, Leonid Parfyonov, announced Tuesday night, appears to be the latest step by President Vladimir V. Putin in tightening control over the news media as well as other areas of public life.

Last week Mr. Putin suggested further government control when he said some human rights groups and other civic groups were working against the national interest.
Looks more and more like the Russian experiment with democracy is heading toward its end with a whimper. History continues to show that our way of life and our freedoms are not capable of protecting themselves; we must protect them, from all ideological enemies domestic and foreign, or watch them taken from us in baby steps.

Found via Rule of Reason.

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June 04, 2004

Did You Ever Have One of Those Days?

No, me either. But this guy did:

GRANBY, Colo. (News 4) A man barricaded inside a fortified bulldozer went on a rampage through this mountain town Friday, firing shots and knocking down buildings as he plowed through the streets. It was not immediately known whether anyone had been injured.
It's unclear exactly why he's doing this at the moment - something to do with either getting screwed on a land deal or taxes*.

* Don't get any ideas, my Libertarian friend.

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June 03, 2004

The Bands That Time Forgot

The Sextants, and their 1992 album "Lucky You," with the song "She Thinks," and the lyrics:

I woke up happy about you today,
But it was only from a dream I had I am afraid.
And to me that's sad,
To me that hurts somewhere like it always has.
Just so you know; not that you care. But if you did, you could watch the video here.

I know it says "bands" up there in the title, but one at a time, people, one at a time. There's plenty enough to go 'round.

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Shades of Bryan Adams

Not really, no, but I do have a question.

Does anyone out there have information on good chef's knives? I've heard Global mentioned as a somewhat popular brand, and found this one online for $120.

I'm in the market for a good knife to last several years. Naturally, when we got married some seven years ago, we were blessed with the $30 plastic-handled, watch-them-bend-in-the-wind kitchen knife set in a slab of butcher's block. We quickly learned they weren't up to much beyond cutting butter or maybe as a makeshift screwdriver for tiny screws. So, we upgraded to a couple of better knives in the $35 range for each, but they're not quite up to the task of all the chopping, dicing, slicing, and throwing that enhancing one's cooking skills entails.

OK, so, here I am. I need a good knife. I'm willing to pay the $100 if it the knife is truly worth it. All thoughts welcome, except for the ones that say "One hundred dollars for a kitchen knife? Are you nuts?"

Bless you all.

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Kerry In Favor of Bio-Terror

No, not quite.

Go. Read the post. Read my comment.

To summarize, when it comes to being honest:

As much as I dislike Kerry, this is not an indication of his being against protecting the nation, defending it from bio-terror, etc. And if we on the right-leaning side portray it as such then, honestly, we're no better than Michael Moore in the second-helpings line at a Ryan's Steak House.
No, I don't know even know what the last line means, but it sure sounds good.

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June 02, 2004

The Universe Through the Back Door

Imagine, if you will, that George Lucas, Carl Sagan, and Gene Rodenberry got together, drank a lot of Tequila, smoked some peyote, and then tried to write a big ol' gay atheist porno which was subsequently turned into a blog.

Oh yeah, baby, it's the new and improved: Naked Writing!

* Yes, it's a play on this Rick Steves show on PBS. Is Rick gay? I think he might be - he's kind of like the Doug Henson of world travel, as it were.

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Tonight, Tonight

Watching: Kramer vs. Kramer.

For those of you younger than 25, no, this isn't a bizarre Face/Off between Seinfeld characters. Rather, it's the Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, and Best Supporting Actress movie of 1979. I swear, if - the night you watch it - this movie doesn't having you holding your child a little closer to you as they fall asleep, you're either emotionally dead or probably in need of mental help, as you're holding an imaginary child, or perhaps a plastic baby-doll.

Reading: Lean Six Sigma for Service:

Exciting, I know. Hey, this is my life - it's what I do - make things better. For money.

But - and I just noticed this - what the hell is a Plog? tells me it's:

Your Plog is a diary of events that will enhance your shopping experience, helping you discover products that have just been released, track changes to your orders, and many other things. Just like a blog, your Plog is sorted in reverse chronological order. When we think we have something interesting or important to tell you, we'll post it to your Plog.
Apparently, blogging officially just became mainstream. Lord help us one and all.

Update: And I think the word "Plog" is already taken.

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In My Absence

Sadly, my employer doesn't pay me to blog, and while I do enjoy the act of telling the world how to think, I also enjoy my work - so many processes to improve, so little time.

So, in exchange for my neglect, let me give you three little words:

Green Point Mortgage. That's right, I said "Green Point Mortgage." One more time, just for Google, that would be Green Point Mortgage.

You will, of course, have to follow the link to see why I would even bother to mention Green Point Mortgage. Or why I would mention it once more, like this: Green Point Mortgage. And maybe one more time, just for good measure.

Green Point Mortgage!

OK, regular blogging shortly.

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