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Me Thinks She Doth Protest Too Much
Ann Coulter Has a Blog!

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November 28, 2002

Me Thinks She Doth Protest Too Much

Don't you agree?

I thought people were adults. I thought they were here to think and analyze facts in a mature, rational manner.
An adult, mature, and rational quote from one of Jen's e-mails to me:
Too bad, so sad. Buh-bye!
*Ahem*, you were saying? Back to her blog:
I blog my heart out here day after day and I make it a point of personal honor to always tell the truth and be honest, yet I am being vilified up and down the "blogosphere" for admitting that I have my preferences and my loyalties.
Jen, Jen, Jen - I've already pointed out to you that you were wrong about how your religion has spread itself - yet you perpetuate the myth. Where I'm from, we call that lying. And you are not being villified for admitting you have preferences and loyalties - you are being villified for being childish and unwilling to engage anyone who might disagree with you in an honest dialogue. True, it's your right to be juvenile and stubborn on your blog - but it's our right to call you on it. *Ring* *Ring*
I am going to talk to an attorney about a possible lawsuit against Wilde for Invasion of Privacy, Defamation and Slander: he has used my real, legal name--while he doesn't use his, ever-- to commit outright slander and it has resulted in me being mercilessly harassed and has done real damage to my journalistic reputation.
Uh, Jen, your real, legal name is all over the blogosphere - hell, Instapundit used it too, indirectly questioned the logic behind your "delinking," and has more readers than Wilde and I could conjure in a wet dream. Gonna do anything about that? Didn't think so.

Defamation and Slander? Surely you jest - your own e-mails stand as evidence that everything he claims is true. You may not like it that he posted your e-mails for all the world to see and showed you for the kind of person you are, but it isn't slander.

And, pardon my ignorance, but when did anyone consider you a journalist? WE'RE BLOGGERS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. GET OVER YOURSELF!

I'm certainly trying not to think about the actual harm that could result from his attack from harrassing phone calls to physical assault should someone who is outraged for him to find me and come to my home to "let me have it" in person.
Oh waiter! One order of paranoid schizophrenia, please! Besides, it's been my experience that death threats tend to come from the wacky Right, not the wacky Left.
Well, he gave me a war all right and I'm losing because I don't have the stomach or the stamina for this fight.
No, you're losing because you are wrong. Subtle difference I know, but work with me here. And again, I'm also sorry that you're in poor physical health, but quit playing the freaking martyr, Jen - no one is going to excuse your behavior because you're ill (ok, if you tack on dementia, then we might). You obviously have the knack for dishing it out against people with whom you disagree - toughen up, Jen, or shut up.
You've allowed Wilde, in the space of a few short days, to reshape the blogosphere into a self-censoring *cocoon* of "Centrist" Gruppedenke(Nazi term for Group Think). Congratulations!
Oops, Godwin's Law. You lose.
And Ann Coulter, move over, girlfriend: you've got company!
Now there's some lesbian action I have no desire to see. (shudder)

Too bad, so sad. Buh-bye!

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November 27, 2002

Ann Coulter Has a Blog!

Oh wait, that's Jennie Taliaferro who is now equating liberals with terrorists.

Sigh. And she's allowed to vote too.*

Ah well, while I was over at her site I decided to respond to her claim that Christianity has only tried to spread itself through love and good works. Poppycock (love that word, don't you?). Maybe I'll get IP banned like Wilde - nothing like a real discussion of the issues! Maybe she'll take her blog and go home.

Update: Well, that didn't take long - she's removed the comments from that post. Why? Because I pointed out to her that it would be hard to classify the Crusades and the Inquisition as allowing people to choose baby Jesus of their own free will.

Jen, you're truly a character! A sad, pathetic one along the lines of the left's Cynthia McKinney, but a character nonetheless! For one who proclaims to know the Truth, want the Truth, and pursue the Truth, you seem to have a problem with the Truth.

Update 2: The comments are back. Small miracles and all that.

Update 3: The comments are back, but she IP banned me from posting a response to her idiocy. So here it is, Jen, for you to read since you're obviously incapable of allowing honest discourse on your own sheltered-mentality blog:

Jen, I never said it invalidated the entire faith (I have other reasons for considering it superstition). I merely said that your assertion that it only spreads itself via peace, love, and harmony was mistaken.

Whether the Crusades were a response to a violent spread of Islam is irrelevant - the response given was equally violent. The sword, when used, is not an instrument of peace but of war.

And how about conversion to Christianity of natives in the New World during the period of colonization? Sometimes peaceful - sometimes not so. The imposition of Christianity on slaves in America - and even the Biblical justification for slavery itself. You might disagree with their interpretations at this point in time, but it was Christianity. And it wasn't peaceful.

Keep it up, Jen - I guess your delusions help you sleep at night.

Update 4: Just got an e-mail from Jen about her IP ban of me. Apparently pointing out that she is wrong means I'm causing trouble - no, pumpkin, it's called educating your willfully ignorant self. I'm sorry that so many good Christians killed infidels (which is not to excuse the infidels killing Christians either), but for you to refuse to see the blood spilled at the hands of the faithful is at best ignorant and at worst patently dishonest. Given the vitriolic partisan venom that you spew, my money is on a lack of honesty. Like I said, truth hurts.

Update 5: Jen has given her side of the Wilde incident - although it basically amounts to "nanny nanny boo boo this is my blog - buh bye." For a baby boomer, it reads much more like the rantings of - well - a baby. For added fun, check the comments which, so far, amount to one reasoned post and a mutual masturbation society.

Update 6: Dave Roberts has some advice for hateful people like Jen:

Everybody relax, have a great Thanksgiving and remember the feeling of incredible national unity after 9/11. This is one nation, one people, indivisible and unconquerable. Remember Flight 93 as you sit down with your family. Nobody on that plane asked if they were Democrats or Republicans. They were Americans.
Yes, Dave, we know that - unfortunately, Jen thinks the Democrats on Flight 93 were probably arguing over who got to drive it into the ground for the glorification of Allah.

Update 7: Awww, Jen keeps banning each IP I come up with - how unfortunate! Her readers won't be able to read and evaluate anything - just get her own, unchanging, blockheaded opinions on topics of which she knows very little (for instance, the history of Christianity).

And you may ask yourself**, why do I care? I mean, I generally don't care if people are religious so long as they're a peaceful sort - but I actively despise willful and uncompromising ignorance of the sort that Jen exhibits. It boggles my mind that someone can be such a "see no evil" monkey and ignore the facts when they counter their easily falsifiable view of world history. Oh well, I suppose it takes all kinds to make a world (and no, Jen, that doesn't mean I think anyone made the world - your religion is still a myth).

I guess Jen won't be having my lovechild after all. For shame.

Update 8: It's getting late - and the bulk of the rational blogosphere seems to agree that Jen over-reacted in the extreme. For more reading on the subject go to the sites below. I imagine they could all try to point out how boneheaded her actions have been, but she'd probably just IP ban them too.

Light of Reason
A Small Victory
Gut Rumbles

*That's a joke - It means that in many instances my vote actually serves a purpose - canceling out hers. And yes, yes, a thousand times yes, I realize Jen can do whatever she likes on her blog. By the same token, I can call it idiotic, petty, childish, and weak-minded here.

** Apologies to the Talking Heads.

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