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December 07, 2006

Change of Tone

You know, I think I've grown tired of blogging in a style that is mean, insulting, mocking, and cynical toward my fellow humans. Perhaps I need a break, a change of pace, some posi-blogging.

Rainbows sure are pretty.

OK, that was fun. Back to being me.

Wait, wait: Maybe that brief pondering of rainbows has left me a changed man (no, I've not turned gay or nothin', so don't you ladies worry your pretty little heads, 'cause I heard that collective sigh of grief when you read that first bit and, you know, it touched me in lots of ways tingly places).

Uh, anyway, so yeah - I'm out and about, stopping off at Total Beverage (pronounce that like it's French - "bev-er-'äzh" - sounds posh that way) to buy some of this when I notice that the cashier, a woman probably about my age, has a GED study guide at her register.

The old me would have thought "Wow, little bit late for that, sister." But - no! - the new me thought "That's really great to see someone trying to make up for the bad decisions or misfortunes of their youth. Good for you!"

I would have said it out loud, but then that would be just another one of you womenfolk crushing on me, and - well - there are only so many manhours in one Andy-day.

See, I'm a new man!

Wait, Wait... Wait: I think I need to do a quick flip back to the old me, to point out this further bit of DonSurberian Wisdom in response to some of his lefty commenters supporting the Iraq Study Group's findings:

So lefties support imperialism, a bunch of white-haired old men 10,000 miles away deciding what is right for brown-skinned people

I am totally not surprised.

Whereas the Bush administration deciding what was right for the people of Iraq was... um... hmmm.

And pulling OUT of a country is imperialism in the sense of... errr... ummmm.

Also, it's more like a little over 6000 miles from Washington, DC to Baghdad.

Such dazzling powers! Did you ever know that you're my heeeeerrrooooo....?

OK, back to the "nice" me.

Posted by Andy at 06:28 PM