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November 28, 2006

Peace on Earth, Goodwill Toward Men

Women in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, however, are sadly excluded:

Lisa Jensen and Bill Trimarco decided to decorate their house, in the Loma Linda subdivision outside of town. They put up a wreath, as they have done in years past. This year, they made the wreath in the shape of a peace symbol.

But the symbol of peace has generated everything except quiet.

I can sum up the rest of the story for you:

Bob Kearns appears to be an angry little man, given to substituting his HOA presidency for both a penis and a heart.

Update: Angie sends word that the HOA decided to stop being stupid.

The directors of the Loma Linda Homeowners Association apologized Monday to Lisa Jensen and Bill Trimarco for threatening to fine the couple $25 a day if they didn't remove their lighted wreath. The wreath had been characterized as a divisive symbol that violated the subdivision rules against displaying signs or advertisements.

This morning, e-mails were sent to Loma Linda residents announcing that board
members Bob Kearns, Tammy Spezze and Jeff Heitz had resigned.

The peaceful Wreath Revolution has felled the tinpot dictators of Pagosa Springs - huzzah! The streets need not run with blood!
Kearns had said that some people with children serving in Iraq had complained about the peace sign, prompting his order that it be removed.
That's just so... idiotic. "My boy is in Iraq fighting a war; how dare you wish for peace, you hippie!"

Attention: stupid portion of that Pagosa Springs neighborhood - I support the war effort, if not its handling, but I'd damn sure rather this be a world of peace and love and teachin' the world to sing in perfect harmony (although I'd stack us all up in the shape of a bottle of Fat Tire rather than Coca-Cola).

Even more bizarre are the remarkable dimwits who complained it was a symbol of Satan. Uh, no, folks, Jesus is called the prince of peace; I believe you've confused him with the prince of darkness.

Or, more likely still, you're just really stupid.

Posted by Andy at 01:02 AM