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November 06, 2006

The Way Forward

When you've grown weary of a President that stays the course (despite its failures), of a Vice President detached from reality (because it's ugly), of a Republican Congress that blames everyone but the Commander-in-Chief (because Generals aren't up for election), you might want to check out this article: Rethinking Iraq: The Way Forward.

Something like the close of the Korean War is, frankly, the best we can hope for in Iraq now. One could easily imagine worse outcomes—a bloodbath, political fragmentation, a tumultuous flood of refugees and a surge in global terrorist attacks. But with planning, intelligence, execution and luck, it is possible that the American intervention in Iraq could have a gray ending—one that is unsatisfying to all, but that prevents the worst scenarios from unfolding, secures some real achievements and allows the United States to regain its energies and strategic compass for its broader leadership role in the world.

But in order for that to happen, we have to see Iraq as it is now. Not as it once was. Not as it could have been. Not as we hope it will become, but as it is today. There will be ample time to assign blame and debate "what if"s. The urgent task now is ahead of us.

Indeed. It's a shame this administration can't see that, and that some bloggers on the right somehow consider Iraq a dramatic success based on the (by previous standards) low American deaths.

Don't get me wrong: I think the building of a school for Iraqi children is great. I don't think it offsets the death of over 100 American soldiers and 1100 Iraqi civilians in October alone.

The Republicans are hoping for a sort of Pollyannaic idiocy taking over the electorate tomorrow.

Dash their hopes, for the love of your non-existent gods.

I don't think the Democrats are saviors, more intelligent, more just, or more upstanding. I think they are politicians, largely pandering, somewhat dishonest, and - sadly - the only realistic means to teach the Republicans a lesson about principles and power.

When we are a nation in a losing war, and the President is off acting as if whose weenie is in whose hiney is the biggest issue in our lives, then something is terribly wrong with the body politic.

Here's hoping for a cure.

Posted by Andy at 10:59 PM