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September 16, 2006

Too Sexy for the Blog?

urkel.jpgFor reasons which make no more sense to me than why anyone thought Urkel was funny, there's a lot of blogospheric attention being paid to Ann Althouse's apparent disinterest in the breasts of Feministing's Jessica Valenti. Personally, I think our time would be better spent exploring why they gave their site a name that sounds remarkably like a means of stretching one's lower orifices in ungodly ways, but the debate is what it is.

So, here's the official World Wide Rant stance on the matter: Jessica has nice boobs.

jvalenti.jpgThis conclusion was reached by repeated examination of the following evidence: Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, and Exhibit D. On the off chance that by the time you click on these, they have been replaced by pictures of Larry the Cable Guy's buttcrack, I extend my apologies in advance.

Seriously, this is much ado about nothing (which, Jessica, is not to say that your breasts are nothing - the words "perky" and "delightful" and "AndyWWR has requested to view your webcam" come to mind - but rather that the facts that you're attractive and wanted to look your best for a photo with a former President really aren't worth making a stink over). If the most important thing top bloggers have on their mind is boobies, then I guess the war is won, the deficit is erased, and there's a chicken in every pot.

Leave the boob talk to bloggers like me. I need the Google hits.

Posted by Andy at 04:23 PM