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September 06, 2006

It Depends on What the Definition of "Exists" Is

President Bush today announced that the United States government has been using secret CIA prisons:

The U.S. government released details on Wednesday about its secretive CIA detention program for top al Qaeda suspects, as President George W. Bush said the last 14 detainees had been transferred to military custody.

The program provoked European anger and accusations that the United States violated international law on the treatment of prisoners, after The Washington Post reported last year that detainees were secretly held in Eastern Europe.

On the bright side, before you feel any conflicted emotions, just remember that these prisons don't really exist - just ask wingnuts like RightwingSparkle.

Of course, it's not like she remembers calling the stories a lie, a myth, of the left wing. Convenient Swiss-cheesed memory is a hallmark of the ideological demagogue-wanna-bes of both left- and right-wing insanity.

Update: To wit, regarding the in-comments discussion about the wingnut tendency to immediately disregard anything anti-Bush, no matter how reasonable, is the upside-down version of the same: the willingness to embrace any pro-Bush news no matter how unlikely.

Please see Exhibit A: Powerline trumpeting the news that violent deaths in Iraq were down by 2/3 from July to August of this year. Down by 2/3. In one month. Despite all the evil liberal media news reports of a bombing here and bodies there.

The unlikelihood of this was first pointed out by The Commissar.

But my point is, does anyone find it credible that the re-deployment of several thousand troops has had such a marvelous impact, in less than thirty days? I find that hard to believe, but it could be so.
Alas, he was right - it couldn't.

As of yet, I do not see a correction from the boys at Powerline. If I missed it, my mistake, but given that they are a cadre of lawyers, I suspect ignoring inconvenient facts is a skill they all possess.

Posted by Andy at 11:04 PM