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August 03, 2006

The one real post you're going to get out of me

I am a bleeding heart liberal. A moonbat, if you will. I believe in some form of goverment-issued healthcare for all. Kind of. All that's sort of changing since I moved to Canada, but that's a story for another day. Back to my beliefs. I believe strongly viciously with passion the heat of which burns like a thousand suns in a woman's right to choose. Again, there are conditions to my support of this, but again, I am getting off track here. I am no big fan of that weasly little Texan who reminds me of Eric Gordon in Billy Madison that you idiots elected to run your country *snicker*, again, and I think pot should be legal.

Legal legal legal.

Tax it. Tax the hell out of it and dig yourselves out of that debt you're under. But let the little man smoke his joint. Yes, pot make you an absolute idiot. You are dumb, boring, unsexy and you smell bad when you smoke it. I, personally, hate the stuff. I hate it a lot. I hate it when my friends smoke it, because they annoy the ever-living hell out of me. They are stupid and silly. But I ain't nevah hearda no one beating the crap out of his wife and kids because he was stoned. Never heard about the guy who shot some guy because he thought his wife was banging him because he was high. Because people are nice when they're smoking pot. Nice or sleepy.

Drunk people, on the other hand, for the most part suck ass. Get her drunk enough and the nicest old woman will throw crosses at you and say vile, horrid things about what body parts you can kiss while doing unholy things to our lord and savior. Wives get beat, kids get neglected, nasty shit happens because of booze. And that crap is still legal.

Cigarettes are still legal and don't even get me started on that one. Cancer is one ugly sonofabitch.

So stop being hypocritical and legalize pot, too.

Or so I would have said until 5 weeks ago.

5 weeks ago, I moved to Canada. Guess what? Pot's legal here. Legal legal legal! Yippee! Doesn't do me a damn bit o'good, being all clean-and-sober, but it's nice to know the cops RCMP are up to better things than trying to bust people for growing some weed. You want to smoke a joint? Go right ahead. Be our guest. You can sit right here next to me and the ...park... What? You can sit right here next to my kids in this park and smoke that shit?

Yes. You. Can.

We were walking down the street the other week by the mall and as we turned a corner, we walked through a pretty good cloud of pot smoke. B (my 8 year old) paused for a second, turned to me and said, "Mom, what's that smell? I think it's a familiar smell to me." (Yes, he really talks like that. He's a nerd, like his momma.) "Oh, B, it's nothing. Just keep walking", I cooly replied. "But mom, I kind of like that smell."

You know what? Pot should not be legal, at least not in public places. I don't much like my little tykes walking through a cloud of cigarette smoke, either, but come on. I would like to hold off on the mind-altering drugs until we're at least 10. If at all possible.

I don't know what my point here is, exactly. Maybe that we just don't always look at the big picture when we're feeling oppressed, on infringed on. I still think wire-tapping is a big pile of horse-crap and if I ever have my baby stroller torn apart at an airport again becasue they sensed "explosives" on it, I may be on the evening news, but I think I'm starting to see the wisdom in this one.

With certain conditions, of course. My love will always be the conditional kind. But there it is; My Rant. I thought it was just about time for one.

Posted by Shannon at 02:20 AM