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August 02, 2006

My Best Day

You may find the title a little strange given that I regard my best day as one in which I got fired from my job. I was 25 years old and after working hard at a pretty crappy job for two years (great experience though), I had just landed a position with a dream company nine months earlier. My job title was Corporate Auditor and I was the only male in the office. (Don't worry, it's not an anti-woman screed!)

For seven months, everything was going along smoothly, and I'd just gotten a good perfomance evaluation from my boss. Unfortunately, the director of our department left and my boss was required to temporarily take over her duties. She then assigned my on-going training to the least liked person on staff. (We'll call her Hillary.) In short, Hillary was a nasty, vindictive feminist who believed men were the scourge of the world. (I've always done everything possible to avoid politics in the workplace so I thought we would get through the rest of my training just fine.) However, she then proceeded to take it out on me with mean, cutting remarks that inevitably began to slow down my training.

I did my best to not respond to her and focus on the job. One week, I was sent to Austin for some field work and it was my first time doing it alone. To my dismay, Hillary calls me and says she's going to fly in on Thursday to review my work and coordinate the exit interview (audit term) with me. She still said some unpleasant things but we got through the interview and I began to type up the report with her looking over my shoulder.

As I was banging out the standard bullet point list that we used to start our audit reports, Hillary suddenly gets upset and exclaims, "Blake! You're using the wrong bullet points! We use asterisks, not dashes! Damnit, you haven't learned a thing!" And slaps her hand hard on the table.

That was it for me. I responded, "Hillary, I am so tired of taking your shit." The next business day, I was fired. The reason it's my best day is because three months later, I found an incredible job with a much higher salary. And it wasn't even in auditing!

Political stuff tomorrow!

Posted by Blake at 11:12 PM