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July 31, 2006

Lethal DUI?

While the Middle East goes up in flames (again) and my co-guest blogger deals with her Andyholicism, I know you readers would prefer to get my take on the Mel Gibson situation. If WWR is your first stop of the day and you've been asleep the past three days, click here to read all the sad details.

I've never been one to care about what Hollywood actors think about anything (unless they run for office) so this episode doesn't do much to convince me to start now. However, maybe it's my charming naivete, but I've never hated a group of people in my life so it's difficult for me to understand where Gibson's head is at. When The Passion of the Christ came out, many people felt there was a subtle anti-Semitism theme running throughout the movie. At the time, I simply dismissed such criticism as an attempt to smear Gibson. Now though, given his behavior this past weekend, I can only conclude the critics were right.

It should be fairly clear that his father's notorious Holocaust denying and unorthodox version of Catholicism had a far greater impact than he's willing to admit.

By the way, the only group of people I hate are legally blind in the left eye and have red hair. (I just recently stopped hating Canadians so someone has to take their place.)

Note: I tried watching The Passion of the Christ twice but both times, couldn't get past an hour of it.

Posted by Blake at 03:02 PM