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July 31, 2006

I just can't help myself anymore

Hello. My name is Shannon and I am an Andyoholic. (hi shannon.) I guess I have been one for going on 2 years now, although I never fully realized it until just recently.

I started out slow, just reading the occasional post. I asked Andy through email to post about a PTA fundraiser for me, which he did, even though he had no idea who I was. I began reading more and more, now that we had this "connection". Then one day I noticed something odd. If I posted pictures of boobies or talked about Supernanny, Andy would come read MY blog. That, my friends, only fanned the flames of my growing addiction. I found myself visiting his site more often than ever, sometimes even leaving comments ( I know!). One day I woke up and WWR was the first thing on my mind. I have found it hard to get enough since. I find myself stopping by at all hours of the day, just praying there is a new little nugget of snarkiness waiting there for me. Just a little something is all I need these days; a good Paul-mocking, some Jim Croce lyrics, anything really to get me through. I keep inviting people at my blog to come read his blog, maybe to make myself feel better about it. No one wants to read alone.

The bottom line for me here is that my family is beginning to suffer, my kids need me to cook them some dinner and my back hurts real bad from sitting in front of the computer hitting refresh over and over again. I don't know where else to turn. Tonight, for the first time, I told my husband about Andy. He was very supportive. He thinks that a week here, talking this out, getting it all out in the open, will do me some good. I hope that some of you who have been here with me all this time, like you, Angie (hi!!!), and where's that David (hi David!!!) can work with me to fix this, even if you aren't ready to admit you too have a problem just yet.

I am here for you. Together, we can get better. One post at a time.

Posted by Shannon at 06:32 AM