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July 30, 2006

The Name is Blake

Hello, World Wide Rant readers. This is my first post as a guestblogger so I'm going to just get a brief introduction out of the way. My name is Blake (no cutesy internets handle for me) and I became acquainted with Andy via Rightwingsparkles blog when we got into a lengthy back-and-forth about the existence or not of God. I was impressed with his intelligence and quite frankly, enjoyed his barbed wit that admirably reduced me to crying fits of shame. I also appeared to impress him enough to create a post dedicated to my lunacy. I was so proud! I'm now going to re-pay him by lowering the standards (if any) of his blog in the next week.

Anyway, I'm 35 years old, single (probably forever), live in the Dallas, TX area, and am a proud uncle of two great lil' nephews. I have absolutely no expertise in anything so you won't find sophisticated/detailed analysis from me (except golf.) That's a warning to not take anything I write seriously. Andy has given me free reign to post anything I want so who knows what will come up? Politically, it's seems popular in the blogosphere these days to describe oneself as a conservative with libertarian leanings. That's still too broad for me so for simplicity's sake, consider me a conservative (but not a religious one, if that helps.) I do vote Republican only because of the whole lesser of two evils thing. If the Dems can run a moderate candidate in 2008 and the Repubs control Congress, he/she will probably get my vote. Not that it matters here in Texas.

Just be forewarned that my sense of humor is very droll and tongue-in-cheek and it sometimes doesn't come across well in text. So, once again, I ask you not to take anything I write seriously. Unless it's on a serious topic, like golf.

Andy, thank you for giving me the keys to your palace and I hope you and your family have a wonderful time in SC.

P.S. Not that anyone cares, but let's just get this out of the way. As a conservative, I condemn every stupid thing other prominent conservative pundits says. And that includes whatever I post here.

Posted by Blake at 10:46 PM