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July 08, 2006

Saying You're Sorry Means You Never Have to Change

Chapter 420.

In short, apparently bipolar and sans meds left-wing 9/11-conspiracy-lovin' kook goes after Jeff Goldstein, making a litany of vulgar comments on Jeff's blog that could easily be construed as not just Grade A Whacko but threatening to his two-year old son. Turns out said kook teaches pscyhology at the University of Arizona, making her behavior even more bizarre; did she not know she was showing signs of obvious mental issues?

Jeff's readers, numbering roughly one gazillion, in turn decide that the kook had pooped quite enough in the sandbox and go on the offensive.

Now, Ms. Frisch (aka "kook") wants to raise the white flag of woe-is-me victimhood. It'd be funny if it weren't so sad.

(P.S. Jeff's site is currently under DoS attack, unknown if it's related to this incident, but just lettin' you know in case you can't reach his site)

Update: Euphoric Reality is documenting the whole ugly affair, as Ms. Frisch deletes comments from her blog and Jeff's remains unreachable.

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Posted by Andy at 12:44 PM