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June 14, 2006

Ann Coulter, Goodness Me, Still An Idiot

John Hawkins has the proof*.

John Hawkins: Is global warming occurring and caused by mankind?

Ann Coulter: The temperature of the planet has increased about one degree Fahrenheit in the last century. So imagine a summer afternoon when it's 63 degrees and the next thing you know it's...64 degrees. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! Run for your lives, everybody! Women and children first! Help! Where's FEMA, dammit?

As you'll soon see, science is not one of Ann's strengths. Piss-poor polemics, however, happen to be.

Let's bring it down to the level of a child. In fact, let's even visit the EPA's site for kids to get the scoop on temperature change:

Average global temperature has increased by almost 1ºF over the past century; scientists expect the average global temperature to increase an additional 2 to 6ºF over the next one hundred years. This may not sound like much, but it could change the Earth's climate as never before. At the peak of the last ice age (18,000 years ago), the temperature was only 7ºF colder than it is today, and glaciers covered much of North America!
P.S. Ann, you skipped the part about whether humans are contributing to the problem. I don't claim to have the answer, but - even if we're not making it worse - perhaps we should spend some money to look for ways to make it better. Head in the sand is great for being willfully ignorant and... uh... suffocating.
John Hawkins: If you were to pick three concepts, facts, or ideas that most undercut the theory of evolution, what would they be?

Ann Coulter: 1. It's illogical. 2. There's no physical evidence for it. 3. There's physical evidence that directly contradicts it. Apart from those three concerns I'd say it's a pretty solid theory.

My response:
  1. How so? Saying it does not make it so. That's not even piss-poor polemics, Ann; that's assertion without the least bit of support. I believe we can also call that "opinion," and science does not rest on Ann Coulter's opinions.

  2. Nonsense. There are mountains of data to support the theory of evolution. A couple of hours at Talk Origins would do her good. So would a trip to Old Country Buffet, and maybe a new hairstylist and wardrobe coordinator.

  3. Nonsense. Provide this evidence, Ann, else you're just spouting off more asinine opinions. I can almost hear it now... "irreducible complexity"... "intelligent design"... hey, here's a thought: Kitzmiller vs. Dover.

    All your "contradictions" are belong to us.

Next up:
John Hawkins: If the science behind evolution doesn't stand-up, why do you think so many people who should know better so fervently believe in evolution?

Ann Coulter: A century of brain-washing combined with a desperate need to not believe in an intelligent designer.

Peer-reviewed scientific research and discovery has been redefined as "brain-washing." Amazing.

Yet taking the youngest of children to whatever church you may attend, requiring them to read and sing about your deity of choice, demanding that they talk to a deity that doesn't talk back (because, if he does, you're crazy), instilling in them the notion that something has to be believed to be seen... this is just "raising kids the right way."

Up is down. Black is white. Michael Moore is wafer thin. Ann Coulter has a hoohah.

Nevermind that plenty of god-fearing folks accept evolution for what it is: the best scientific theory that fits observations to date. Granted, the slopey-browed contingent of the same population doesn't feel the same.

Also of interest are the comments... plenty of right-wing dumb there (but not all of them). I wonder if those few souls feel, as I do, like a man without a country (well, political party).

* I lean to the right politically, but I'm no Republican. I enjoy John's site and I appreciate the traffic he's sent over here every once in a while.

However, Ann Coulter is the right's Michael Moore - an overbearing blowhard of an embarrassment. Combine the two of them and it's like a political Laurel & Hardy. Or maybe a Reese's Cup that tastes like poop and flies.

Posted by Andy at 09:02 AM