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May 25, 2006

Just Silly Harmless Beliefs, Chapter 928

So much for walking on water:

Lashuan Harris' children did not go quietly to their deaths.

Trayshaun, the oldest at 6, was the first to go over the railing at San Francisco's Pier 7. He fought her as she took off his clothes, his mother told police afterward. He said, "No, Mama. What are you doing?"

The second child, 2-year-old Taronta, struggled, too, as she wrestled him out of his clothes, and then screamed as he went over the side.

The little one, 16-month-old Joshua, had gotten out of his stroller and was playing around, she said. Harris said she took off Joshua's clothing, too. He clung to her tightly, she said, before she tossed him into the water.

Harris' attorney, Assistant Public Defender Teresa Caffese, said her client is mentally ill, that she committed the acts because she heard voices in her head. She believed, Caffese said, that God was telling her to kill her children.

Well, Jesus, where would she get a crazy idea like that? I mean, it's not like the stories say that God told Abraham to kill Isaac or anything. Sheesh.

Oh. Wait. They do?


Earlier Wednesday, a psychiatrist testified that Harris suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and thought that heaven was an actual place where she could send her sons.
The pyschiatrist apparently didn't bother to mention that millions upon millions of Americans also think heaven is an actual place where they might end up if only they don't think about their neighbor lady's boobies too much.

Religion continues to be our greatest source of silliness and tragedy. For shame.

Posted by Andy at 11:23 PM