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January 31, 2006

State of the Union 2006

Oh, yeah, baby - I'm a-livebloggin' this, for you, my peeps. I want you to know that I take this duty seriously and I only hope I can live up to your expectations.


Vodkapundit is in on it too. And, uh, Anderson Cooper from CNN, although I bet he envies us in our PJs at home with beer.

7:04pm: Brian Williams just said it's hard to believe that the Bush presidency is down to 1000 days. Uh, Brian, that's nigh on THREE YEARS. What are you talking about?

7:05pm: Via Steve, I see a report that Cindy Sheehan has been arrested. She is, however, still a self-aggrandizing suck-up to leftist kooks. And no arrest will change that!

7:09pm: Here comes Dubya. About damn time. Does he think I have enough beer to last all night? Well, fine, maybe I do.

7:10pm: Brian Williams just said that the walk down the aisle could take five minutes. You ought to go pee if you feel the urge. We'll wait.

Also reporting that Cindy Sheehan has been removed from the premises. Cindy has left the building!

7:12pm: Had to change channels as NBC's HD feed froze on a particularly unflattering shot of Bush, with no sign of getting going again. So, went to CBS.

But CBS has their audio all crazy and it was coming out from all the wrong surround sound speakers. So, ABC it is.

7:14pm: Bush just used the word "rostrum" properly. I'm impressed!

7:16pm: Steve still hasn't linked back to me. The nerve. See if I ever buy him another a first drink.

7:17pm: It's a democracy booty call to the people of Syria, Zimbabwe (I think), Iran... hey, did you see Flock of Seagulls on that lame Hit Me Baby One More Time show?

7:20pm: "There is no peace in retreat." I like it.

7:21pm: Hmmm, apparently Steve linked to me a long time ago. Now I feel bad. Steve, baby, you know I love you.

7:23pm: Sorry, was answering e-mail. Missed that.

7:24pm: So, uh, Democrats who don't stand when Bush says "we're in this fight to win and we are winning" -- uh, are you in it to lose?

7:25pm: "Second-guessing is not a strategy." Ouch.

7:28pm: I almost wish Cindy Sheehan could be there to see the response to the Clay family. Maybe she'd learn something.

7:30pm: Uh oh, he's just brought up Palestine and the Hamas victory. OK, so maybe democracy doesn't always work for liberty... but usually it does. Some people vote themselves into bondage.

7:32pm: Wee Fiona is crying, please hold.

7:37pm: Bush is defending his NSA surveillance troubles... "we will not sit back and wait to be hit again." Nice.

And Hillary is smiling? Is she impressed at how he just pulled that off?

7:38pm: Now lil'Ewan is crying. They should warn you about this before you have kids.

7:41pm: Four years of uninterrupted economic growth? But, wait, I thought the Bush tax breaks would be the end of mankind?

7:43pm: Bush talking about savings through cutting government spending is painful. Yes, you're cutting some programs - but which ones are you building up on the flipside?

7:43pm: It'd be nifty if he mentioned Porkbusters. But, uh, he won't.

7:44pm: So, what are you drinking?

7:44pm: Democrats applaud that they know better how to save your money for you than you do. Sickening.

What's a good libertarian atheist to do when the Republicans are religious nitwits and the Democrats are economic nitwits?

7:49pm: "America is addicted to oil." And love.

7:50pm: A change in the direction of energy research in the government. No mention of the price tag on that.

7:51pm: "We must change how we power our automobiles."

7:52pm: Bush talking about giving our kids a grounding in science... this from the man who thinks Intelligent Design creationism should be in the schools? Maybe we can teach flat Earthism in Geography class too.

7:55pm: I dunno, Dubya, to listen to your base talk, our culture certainly is doomed. You might want to have a word with them.

7:58pm: A ban on human cloning? I don't think so. And how does cloning devalue human life? We can make embryos a lot faster and cheaper by humpin' like bunnies... sounds that like would cheapen things, no?

We're told that all human life has value, but then they say that cloning will devalue human life. How does that work again?

8:00pm: Blue eyes... baby's got... blue eyes... (tinkling of a piano)

8:02pm: Well, crap, lost my last entry. No matter, must go tend to my ill wee daughter.

Posted by Andy at 08:02 PM