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November 23, 2005

Sunrise, Day 2

We survived the night, somehow sneaking in a couple of hours of sleep between 2am and 4am, with approximately 93 diaper changes, 72 feedings, and 14 bad words under my breath, immediately tempered by seeing how cute my little guy is. Although I am stilll marveling at how much muconium his bottom is generating (for those not familiar with muconium, imagine sticky black tar all over your rear).

So, here comes the sun; at least we're not facing East, so instead of a bright wake up call we get to see the mountains and a bit of the plains coming to life. Normally I'd be arriving at work right now, but I'm doing my best to not even think about it (although I have checked work e-mail and answered it a few times, despite the protestations of my boss to enjoy my time off - call it a character flaw).

Ewan Quinn is sleeping soundly, but Mom and Dad are awake for the day, for better or for worse.

Wait, did I say he was asleep? Sounds like the call of someone in need of a diaper change. Back to the trenches.

Update: By the way, thank you so much for all of the well-wishes. You're all very kind and wonderful, but - then again - you do visit my site, so perhaps that's to be expected. ;)

Our stay has been quite good. It's a new hospital, just opened last year, with state-of-the-art this and that. Oh, and room service. That's right, no "one-menu-fits-all" culinary tragedy on a plastic tray; rather, a menu of numerous items from which to choose, from which you can order from morning until evening, and all of it quite edible (the food, not the menu itself).

Yesterday's lunch was a cheeseburger, garlic bread, mac and cheese, and seasoned fries, with cheesecake and Diet Pepsi. Dinner was chicken fingers, fries, garlic bread, and chocolate ice cream. They offer a lot more options, but I was in a hurry and went with old stand-bys, but let's break out our crayons and color me impressed.

Perhaps today I'll try the steak...

Posted by Andy at 08:08 AM