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April 06, 2005

If You Believe Elves Cause Rain

(Note: Hey hey and welcome, all you AOL News readers - glad you could make it by the site. Full disclosure - if you're like most folks, you're probably going to realize I disagree with about 50% of what you believe on any topic. Don't take it personally; we can't all be me. Be sure to click here to visit my main page. You'll be glad you did. Or not.)

...then everytime it rains you'll see proof of elves.

That kind of thinking is about the only thing I can think of to explain why Drudge would label this story (about an upcoming partial solar eclipse) with the following:

SCIENCE: Sky will darken on funeral day...
Nevermind that, um, we've known the date of the eclipse a lot longer than we've known when John Paul would pass or when he would be buried.

Nevermind that, um, the eclipse will be visible from New Zealand, across the Pacific, and into the Americas, oddly bypassing - oh - Rome.

Sorry, Drudge, but tying this event to the Pope's funeral is about as significant as tying one of my bowel movements to it. However, I suspect that won't deter the "Jesus-in-a-toasted-sammich" crowd from finding some meaning in it.

Update: Oh brother.

Note: Mark does point out that he isn't making much of it. His commenters, however, aren't so ... skeptical.

Update 2: Doh, Jody noticed it first.

Update 3: In the Agora deepens the mystery - the end is nigh!

Update 4: Some people think it's spooky that John Paul II was born on May 18, 1920, the date of another partial solar eclipse. You know, that would be kind of a neat coincidence if he had died during one, but this is his funeral. Put away your tin-foil, nutters.

Update 5: Besides, I'm sure thousands of other people are being buried on that day as well. Heck, some of them will just be murdered and thrown aside like so much human detritus. I suppose God doesn't think they're worth much notice though (seeing as how they got murdered and all).

Update 6: Courtesy of Resurrection Song, we learn - or relearn - that the folks at NewsMax are keeping Reynold's wrap in business.

Posted by Andy at 09:41 PM