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March 23, 2005

Evolution Collapses!

So sayeth Wizbang!

My argument about evolution* is and will always be, that all you loud mouth people who accept as some sort of fact etched in stone that man evolved from some primordial ooze are just as religious as the people you bash.

The truth is --though you are loath to admit it-- that we don't know jack about the origin of the species. If there is indeed some mechanism built into organisms to repair flawed genes, the whole theory -which is already mathematically astronomically improbable- is now a few dozen more orders of magnitude more improbable. There is something other than DNA that apparently carries some sort of genome and we don't even have a name for it yet, much less understand it!

Now that you've read the above, go read article in question and marvel at how it looks remarkably like nothing Paul said above. Lazy, unable to read, or dishonest? You be the judge.

I've posted more of my own thoughts over here.

Anti-evolutionists are funny.

Update: Welcome Wizbang readers! I apologize if Paul's confusion over abiogenesis and evolution, his creative excerpting of a rather well-explained article, and his inability to see that the article doesn't imply what he seems to think it implies has brought you here and left you scratching your eyes out.

Update 2: No, I'm not going to engage in a massive defense of evolution here. You can learn plenty here.

Update 3: My pal and yours, Michele, who shares a common ancestor with modern day apes, points out that Paul from Wizbang has called me a "wingnut."

In related news, the Pope called me Catholic.

Update 4: Be sure to visit Wizbang and read the initial post and the post dedicated to show just how dumb I am. Trust me, it's well worth it as you get to watch people who actually understand evolution taking off Paul's head and shoving it right up his tight, ignorant ass. It ain't pretty.

OK, maybe it is.

Update 5: From Pharyngula:

This is all thick-witted anti-evolutionist garbage, and it just gets worse: the joker makes several more misguided posts defending his absurdities, and hoo boy, you should take a look at the comments—it's like concentrated stupid people.
Heh - "like concentrated stupid people." That's beautiful.

Update 6: Thursday morning and the onslaught of science against nonsense continues unabated over at Wizbang. Paul, strangely enough, has seemed to have removed himself from the conversation, instead lamenting the decline of Buick (which he seems to define as "a line of cars made by GM," but - with Paul - definitions are tricky, so be careful).

Posted by Andy at 02:15 PM