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February 27, 2005

Liveblogging: A Twist

Some folks might liveblog the Academy Awards; others might not.

But I bet I am the only one who is liveblogging about another blog that is ignoring the awards show!

So, let's get started...

...ok, nothing new over there yet.

Update: Phil Dennison is liveblogging the awards, touching on subjects as diverse as British dentistry and butt-crackery

Update 2: No changes over at Zomby's site. He's got this "ignoring the Oscars" thing down pat. A true expert. A genius!

Update 3: Zomby has now expounded upon the brotherly love he has for yours truly. I am touched, and I raise my glass of wine to him as a show of respect, and because it puts it that much closer to my mouth (the wine, not Zomby - you people!).

Update 4: Not that I'm watching the Academy Awards, and not that I actually rewound the digital video to verify this, but did Morgan Freeman just say "Heavens to Murgatroid?"

That's nifty.

Update 5: Still nothin' new over in Zombyland. What a slacker.

Update 6: Actual live blogging and more links over here.

Update 7: I spent five years of my life working for Price Waterhouse. I never got asked to count the votes at the Awards, and - to this day - I blame that for Jethro Tull winning the Oscar for... no, wait, sorry, that was the Grammy awards. But I did work there.

Update 8: Hooray for Che? Hollywood is so screwed up (as is the "he-makes-me-cream-myself-for-the-poor" journalist who wrote the profile to which I just linked). But, hey, let's not let his murderous Communist ways or his desire for martyrdom get in the way of our really nifty t-shirts.

Roger L. Simon says:

Santana in a cornball Che t-shirt. So far, I like the French song best. This is dull schmaltzy fair. If Che hadn't died young, people wouldn't worship him so blindly and we wouldn't have to listen to his sentimental crap.
Oh yeah, Zomby is talking about something or other.

Posted by Andy at 07:29 PM