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June 29, 2004

Another Reminder

When you're reminding me not to have a doctor from Texas A&M (see post below), please also remind me not to move to York, Pennsylvania.

Last week we asked: The Dover school board is debating whether new biology textbooks should include information about creationism as well as the theory of evolution. Do you think creationism should be taught in public school biology classes? Should evolution?
This ought to be good...

And now, a medley of my favorite responses, with obligatory snarky and insulting commentary.

I am a Christian and I feel that if you're going to teach something that I think is not true — which is evolution — I think you should given creationism the same chance.
I am a Flat Earthian and Anti-Moon-Landian and I feel...
The question one must ask, if evolution started with a single-celled organism, who created the single-celled organism? Your response to the question will give you the answer that we should teach creationism in public school biology classes.
Duh, obviously a very complex organism without need of a creator created the single-celled organism! It's so obvious!
It is my belief that public school districts have been teaching Darwin's, "The Origin of Species: By Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life" as factual proof of macro-evolution for far too long without question, while holding the separation clause in the face of those who disagree with the thesis of the "Theory of Evolution." For me, this is not about science....
No kidding.
Evolution is also a religion, with its own set of assumptions and world views. Didn't Hitler, Mussolini, Chairman Mao and others use Darwin's ideas and his "survival of the fittest" to conquer, enslave those peoples who they deemed "inferior." Evolution was their religion.
I award thirteen points for working in murderous dictators, fifty points for the incorrect "survival of the fittest" meme, and twenty points for the "evolution is a religion" comment.

Unfortunately, the judges have taken away four kazillion billion gajillion points for you being a complete idiot.

Evolution is a theory; there is no proof. In the fossil record there is no trans-species evidence whatsoever.
Bzzzt, thanks for playing. Here's your consolation prize.
A famous mathematician once said the odds of a human evolving from an amoeba is equivalent to a tornado going through a junkyard and forming a fully functional 747 jet.
Please see "Evolution and Chance," and then allow me to mention that a not-so-famous blogger once compared the workings of your brain to that of moldy Jell-o.
In his later years Charles Darwin changed his mind about his own theory. Look into it.
OK, I did - and surprise - you're lyin' for the Lord!
Yes, I believe that creationism should be taught in schools because evolution is only a theory and the Bible is God's word which has stood the test of time.
OK, too easy. Make up your own.
The fact that this is even being discussed proves that scientists need to improve their people skills.
Amen and God bless.
The words "separation of church and state" are not found in any of our documents and the Holy Bible was once the only text book in our schools.
Damn, I bet that made math, modern English, and civics hard to teach. At least beyond Pi being 3, the Earth having 4 corners, loads of "thee" and "thou," and the need to stone gays and smart-aleck children. We've come a long way, baby!
Evolution is just a theory put forth by a handful of secular humanists, that scientific laws and hundreds and hundreds of world-renowned scientists after a century of study and experiments and millions of fossils reviewed have proven over and over again is not possible.
If you say so, it must be true, 'cause you've got Jesus on your side. Nevermind that little problem that evolution is the commonly accepted explanation for the diversity of life in the scientific community. Perhaps you were talking about the scientists on the janitorial staff of your church?
It's time for our schools to throw out the evolutionary garbage and get back to the Scriptures, fossils and facts.
Errr...uh.... *snort*
As a Christian, I consider it a non-negotiable belief that creation occurred, just as stated in Genesis.
And, as a Christian, I also consider it non-negotiable that the creation happened in different orders simultaneously as illustrated in the two creation stories in the Bible. I can do this because I'm a kook.
For those who would like to do some serious research on this matter, may I suggests the works of Ken Ham, founder of Answers In Genesis.

I could go on, but I'd rather go to bed. There's more if you follow the first link - some of it educated, much of it idiotic, and a smattering of the in-between.

Sorry, been a long day, this is the best I could come up with tonight. I promise to do better tomorrow.

Unless I don't.

Posted by Andy at 09:52 PM