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June 29, 2004

Texas A&M turning out some fine scientists:

But for Mandi Vest, a graduate student in plant pathology, an evolution-based class strengthened her belief in creationism.
Sounds like someone was sleeping during class.
Vest said she dated an atheist in high school and during her freshman year of college. That relationship, she said, forced her to question her religion and find the truth.

"I grew up having a strong faith because my parents did," Vest said.

Well, admitting that it had nothing to do with reason, intellect, or argumentative power is a start. But don't worry, Ms. Vest, there are plenty of other theists of all religions who believe for exactly the same reason (or lack thereof).
"But, when my boyfriend didn't believe in anything, I just wanted to know how he felt that way. He was an intelligent person, and I wanted him to believe what I did."
Yes, dear, it must be tough having an intelligent boyfriend who won't dumb himself down to get into your pants, right? I say "bravo!" for him.
"In class, we learned a lot about evolution, and I started realizing that people make a lot of assumptions when they base theories on evolution or naturalism," she said. "But no matter what you believe, you have to have faith. Some people have faith in science; some people have faith in the Bible."
Gosh, and I sure know where I want the nation's science graduates to be placing their "faith." Hmmm, a naturalistic method that time and again has moved humanity toward a greater understanding of ourselves and our world, or an ancient book that says plants and light came before the sun.

And the plant pathologist believes the latter?

God help us.

Let's not forget the up and coming psychologist as well:

Tori Sikes, a psychology graduate student, said she had similar problems interpreting the Bible when she left her hometown of Austin for Vermont's Middlebury College...

Soon Sikes enrolled in a Sufi healing school in California, where she became certified to perform energy healings for other people.

Remarkably, Sikes' energy healings have the same success rate as prayer and Scientology, although the price probably falls somewhere between the two.

Remind me that next time I am in a doctor's office I should check to make sure the diploma isn't from Texas A&M.

Posted by Andy at 07:01 PM