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March 26, 2004

Ooh Baby Baby's a wired world.

But only because, last night, our Linksys wireless router went to the big Linksys wireless router depot in the sky, where its spirit is presently frolicking about with other Linksys wireless router spirits as Linksys wireless router spirits are wont to do (when they're not taking time out to haunt wired LAN computers, waving their translucent 802.11 antennae and leaving trails of ecto-packets).

Um, so - anyway - yeah, it died. Tits up. Gone. Gone. Gone, baby, gone.

Linksys is sending us a replacement, though, so all will be well - however, it was a bit of an annoyance to get to that point.

Let it be known that I have absolutely no problem with outsourcing jobs. Free trade, free markets, rah rah sis boom bah and Bob's yer uncle. I do, however, have a problem when those jobs are outsourced to (best I could tell) Indians and South Americans who:

After much wailing, gnashing of teeth, and careful listening (which is difficult after six years of marriage) - after pushing this button, changing that setting, clicking this and ok'ing that - after having to spell "Colorado" for one of the helpful foreigners - finally, finally, he asked:
Sir, is the power light blinking on and off very quickly?
To which I replied:
Yes, indeed it is.
To which he then replied:
We have to send you a new device.
All of that to find out what could have been discovered with but a simple question. So, let me add to the list that I hate expert systems that have all the expertise of John Kerry being modest about Vietnam.

Anyway, that's my rant for the day. Linksys, if you're going to outsource jobs, how about outsourcing some training and talent as well? Lowering costs is great. Lowering customer headcounts isn't so much.

Update: (and welcome, Instapundit readers) ... the new router arrived yesterday and is working fine. Next issue will be whether Linksys will accept the returned router without the original receipt.

You see, when I initially bought the router, there was a rebate available on it. So, I had my 3-foot long Circuit City receipt all ready to be addressed and sent packing to Linksys for my money; however, life, as it sometimes does, gets in the way and the receipt sat in my drawer until well past the deadline for getting said refund.

Noticing that was the case a couple of months ago, I instead sent the receipt packing - next stop: Thornton landfill (or perhaps it was recycled, my moods are varied and often influence that decision; much like my wife asking me to take out the trash, the more you bother me, the less likely it's going to happen - eco-nuts be warned). I suppose I could direct Linksys to the landfill, but they might not be up for the adventure.

Anyway, if they aren't pleased with my offering, they'll charge my credit card $84 for the new router. This, of course, will ensure that I bad mouth them repeatedly and never buy another one of their products. So far though, all is well. I'll keep you posted.

Update for Mocking: Apparently some village with a work-release program for their idiot decided to send him my way:

Hey asshole, when you dont comply with the express terms of a warranty, why don't you just take the hit instead of being a repugnant, irresponsible, and sniveling fuckwad?
Ummm, well, stay with me here, this answer is going to be complex:

Because that would be stupid.

Why would I not try to get a replacement, especially for a product that died a mere 5 months into use? Why would I not use my consumer power to influence Linksys to keep me happy? Why not?

Because that would be stupid.

Sit back and take it? Are you running for Spanish Prime Minister or something?

Posted by Andy at 04:20 PM