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February 04, 2004

Science Community Fleeing in Terror

Or something like that, obviously, as the esteemed Larry Taylor tells us in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Darwinists eager to avoid debate
Yes, but only with uneducated, illogical, radical, right-wing extremists.
I was shocked as Cobb County public school teachers stood at the podium and made the absurd claim that evolution is an absolute proven fact that is no longer disputed by reasonable, educated people.
Sorry, they meant to say that evolution is an absolute proven fact that is no longer disputed by reasonable, educated people who don't suddenly stop being reasonable and educated all because something conflicts with what the big daddy-o in the sky said in a book. We apologize for the confusion.
Further, these teachers went on to denigrate anyone who held an opposing viewpoint as "uneducated," "illogical," "radical" and my all time favorite, "right-wing extremists."

I left that meeting vowing to protect my children from the obvious bias and open hostility that was exhibited by the teachers in attendance.

And immediately took them to church where all opinions and theories on human origins and behavior are welcome - nay - encouraged!
Far from settled science, there is a growing debate within the science community about the ability of evolution to fully explain the diversity of life on Earth. More than 300 scientists from major universities nationwide, including dozens from Georgia, have signed a document expressing doubts about the claims of evolution.
Which scientists? Are they experts in biology, genetics, or some other field that is among those that have solidifed evolution's place as happily explaining the diversity of life on Earth? Or are they experts in physics, the operation of an Easy-Bake Oven, or *snicker* creation science?
Modern science instruction includes an undisclosed bias that artificially eliminates any possibilities other than evolution to explain life. It prevents the students from expanding their scientific knowledge and learning skills by forbidding the opportunity to investigate alternative theories scientifically.
No, modern science instruction teaches our current understanding of science on the topics it covers. When you have any real science to back up claims of design, feel free to get the scientific community to buy into it and then it will become modern science instruction.
Much of the "evidence" cited in science textbooks in support of evolution is dubious at best, and in many cases outright fraudulent.
Indeed, scientists have made discoveries and formed ideas, only to have to refine them or refute them later on. Such is the beauty of science - it weeds out the false. Religion, on the other hand, embraces whatever with no intent of ever debunking it. Amen and kill the infidel. You tell me which is more intellectually honest, Mr. Kook.
Scientific evidence that might cast doubt about the claims of Darwinian evolution has been censored from Georgia classrooms, as are the views of scientists who dissent from the established evolutionary doctrine.
Just because you're a scientist, doesn't mean you necessarily do science. Get thee to a peer-reviewed journal! Creationist, peer thyself!
In an attempt to cloud the issue, the Darwinists will always try to interject "creationism" and "separation of church and state" into the debate. Knowing that they cannot win the debate on the merits of the evidence, they will always resort to this tactic.
No, it's a way of taking the shortcut to keeping your IDiocy out of the classroom rather than rehashing your same, tired arguments over and over again.
The Darwinists are always quick to label someone like me a religious extremist who just wants to interject my own personal faith into the science classroom.
I notice he doesn't deny the label. Guilty as charged!
Yet it is they who seek, through the power of the state, to insulate their own beliefs about life's origins from critical examination, to propagate those beliefs on an unwitting student population, and who defend their beliefs with the fervency of the most radical fundamentalist.
Science and reason must be fervently protected from ignorance and superstition. You can probably guess what we called the last period when it wasn't.

We'll keep the light on for ya.

Posted by Andy at 04:05 PM