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January 29, 2004

Comedy from the Ghetto

The Warsaw Ghetto maybe.

The Holocaust humor from the crusading Catholic just never stops.

Too funny!

Uh, yeah, if you're an asshole.

Update: Paraphrasing from the comment I just left over at Mark's site - a while ago, Mark, in explaining to me why his humor was far superior to mine, told me that he was only flippant toward things that deserved flippancy. I apparently missed the day in "Flippancy 101" when the brutal legacy of the brownshirts was something to use for a hearty laugh (sadly, I also missed "Anti-Semitism for Idiots", although in Easter Mass I did learn about how those Jews nailed poor Jesus to the cross).

Anyway, in the spirit of high-brow humor that so succinctly defines "Catholic and Enjoying It!" I thought I'd help Mark out by proposing a new, hilarious meme that he could use to further demonstrate his sensitivity and tact. So, without further ado...

Top 10 Reasons the Gas Chamber Didn't Work Today

10. Accidentally used helium instead of Zyklon B- made Jews talk like chipmunks!

9. Forgot to ask Pope Pius XII to bless its murderous machinations.

I leave it to you (or Mark's supporters in this case, who apparently have a gift for such nonsense) to complete the list if you so desire. Chances are, though, that you've got more decency than that. Although, if you're possessed by the spirit of goodwill and want to help Mark out, feel free. We'd hate for him to have to think up inept and insensitive comparisons on his own in the future.

Next week, we'll be comparing Gay Pride parades to Klan lynchings. Fun!

Posted by Andy at 09:30 PM