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July 17, 2003

Odd, I Don't Feel Any Smaller

Isn't that what's supposed to happen when you get downsized?

Ah well - expect blogging to be very light for the near future as I now have slightly more pressing concerns. If anyone is so inclined, this would be a fantastic time to hit that PayPal tipjar over there (click here if you don't see it, and you probably don't because of my template), if you've even been mildly amused by anything I've written in the last 16 or so months.

I make no promises that this site will stay up; perhaps Jon or Tom will put up the money for it - right now I'm not sure I can spend the money in good conscience with a wife and a child for who I am responsible. Or maybe I'll need this as an outlet on those days when it becomes a little too much.

Wish me luck - and thanks for reading.

Update: Hey, guess what! I'm still unemployed. Oh well.

I got to thinking that I should probably put on this post just what it is that I do. I've got 8 years of consulting experience, focused on process improvement, customer satisfaction, with some organizational development and knowledge management thrown in for good measure. A little over five years of that experience was in the Big Five, working for multiple government agencies and private clients.

If you know of anyone who might be interested in someone like that, preferably in the Denver area, but I'm flexible and willing to talk about moving, please let me know. Whoever finds me a good job gets a free beer. I'll also get my resume up on this post at some point - I hope to have it polished and ready-to-go by tomorrow.

Thanks again for all the moral support!

Posted by Andy at 01:07 PM