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April 11, 2003

Eason Jordan's Devil's Bargain(s)

It's one thing to stay neutral from a story to remain unbiased and capable of reporting the truth, but it's an entire different matter when you utterly divorce yourself from humanity and allow horrors, brutality, and torture to happen under your watch all for the pursuit of what you market is a real and unimpeded flow of information.

Eason Jordan, chief news executive of CNN, confesses now what he claims he couldn't tell before out of fear of Saddam's regime. Eason no less than confesses... I take that back - begs for forgiveness for the disconnect between truth and journalism on a major news network, all for the sake of a promotable bauble such as "The only American news network with a bureau in Iraq."

The price was not just in dinars... it was in his soul, his humanity, and his integrity, and we as a freedom-loving people need to let him know that this kind of behavior where "it's only business" is utterly despicable.

This man makes me sick, especially when I go back and read his recent claims of a lack of bias when covering the Palestinian Authority. It all comes back to what price has CNN paid to get access to other "key stories" where the skewing of information and lack of integrity is the price for access? When Yasser Arafat is gone, will Eason Jordan suddenly testify of all of the brutality, torture, and horrors that Arafat's thugs and terrorists threatened journalists with, so Eason was "forced" into a devil's bargain with him, too?

If there's a statue of Eason Jordan at CNN any day, I hope someone has the guts to rip it down to show their contempt for the loathesome creep he's confessing himself to be. He'll get no apology for me for the crimes against humanity he's performed, and he will get none for the crimes he keeps still hidden in his repulsive, withered heart.

Posted by at 09:20 AM