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April 10, 2003

An Open Letter to the People of Iraq

I recently dreamed up an idea, passed it by a few people (Michele, Laurence, and Stephen) to see what they thought, and this is the end result.

I'm curious if those who have opposed this war from the start are willing to tell the Iraqi people that they didn't want them to be free. So, I wrote this open letter for the anti-war crowd to sign with street-blocking, sidewalk-puking pride. Ideally, I'd like a blogger in DC or New York to print it out after a couple weeks and deliver it to the Iraqis that will represent the soon-to-be-established government in Baghdad (if interested, drop me an e-mail).

I'd like the Iraqi people, at least in some measure, to know the truth. I'm curious if the anti-war crowd will tell them.

Click below for the open letter - and sign with pride, protesters!

We, the undersigned, do hereby affirm that we have been, and continue to be, against the hostilities in Iraq.

Stories of the horrors of the Baghdad regime did not sway us. Saddam Hussein’s well-publicized history as a ruthless tyrant did not sway us. The possible threats from terrorism and weapons of mass destruction did not sway us. The continued disregard of numerous United Nations resolutions detailing a clear path for Iraq’s return to global legitimacy did not sway us.

And now, the fighting is ending. The Coalition's victory is assured. The Iraqi people are being liberated.

Their destiny will be one of their own choosing – because they will finally be free to choose.

And this disappoints us to no end.

Scenes of Iraqis celebrating in the streets do not sway us. Scenes of Iraqis destroying the vestiges of Saddam Hussein’s regime do not sway us. Scenes of smiling men, women, and children welcoming the American and British forces do not sway us.

Scenes of young children imprisoned for political crimes do not sway us. Scenes of torture chambers used against those who opposed Saddam do not sway us. The knowledge that this horror would have continued indefinitely with impunity without the Coalition's intervention does not sway us.

We will not be swayed.

We continue to believe this war is wrong. If our vocal minority had its way, the people of Iraq would continue to live in a state of constant fear and oppression. Saddam Hussein would still present a threat to his neighbors, to the stability of the region, and to the security of the Western world.

And that’s alright by us.

To the people of Iraq, we say the following:

We did not want this for you.

We did not want you to have a chance at directing your own future, as is the right of all mankind.

We regret your freedom, and don’t you dare forget it.


(names can be found in the comments)

P.S., courtesy of CognoCentric, your liberation was not obtained in our name.

Posted by Andy at 05:00 PM