Another Cool Web Idea I Should Have Thought of First But Didn’t

I’m not blogging, but I am all about sharing.

So, check out MediaMaster. Tagline? “Your music. Anywhere.”

Accurate so long as you describe “anywhere” as being someplace that you have a device that can stream audio via a URL (PC, iPhone, whatever).

Short version: it’s like iTunes on the web.

Long version: upload your music files, create playlists, and then tweak the stream however you like (play in order, scramble, change bitrate, mono or stereo, etc).

I would say that I stumbled upon the site while looking to create a radio station to stream into an object in Second Life, but that would sound pretty dorky. So, let’s just say I stumbled upon it AS PART OF A SECRET MILITARY RESEARCH PROJECT. Involving monkeys. As one might expect with this sort of thing.

That’s right. Monkeys.

Anyway, here’s my main music stream if you’re interested:

2 Responses to “Another Cool Web Idea I Should Have Thought of First But Didn’t”

  1. Michael Says:

    Hi Andy!

  2. Stacys Says:

    So, uh, Andy. Noticed your blog is for sale. I’m hot, I’m a woman; but I’m Republican. Does that cancel me out?

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