Merely a slave labor camp.”

Dear lovey, this job will be the death of me!

Forgive me for my brief return to a blog post, but the day we refer to any murdering camp of the Nazis as “merely a slave labor camp,” we have lost any sense of humanity.

This is another reason to quit blogging: too many bloggers make me so goddamn sick to be part of the same species.

Bless you all (as much as an atheist like me can).

Etc etc.

Yeah, I know: I need a new blog.

Update: Parting shot, left over at the source of the nonsense (in case you didn’t click on through for fear of the taint)…

Rand –

I think if you simply said something like “my use of the word ‘merely’ in reference to Buchenwald as a slave labor camp was in error, a poorly chosen word in the midst of writing a lengthy blog post,” everyone who has taken exception would – whether they believed you or not (and I, for one, would accept you at your word) – let it go.

Instead, you choose the self-righteous path of indignation (don’t feel bad, I did the same from time to time when blogging, much to my dismay these days).

It was NOT “merely a slave labor camp,” as has been pointed out.

Further, I fail to see how running a camp designed to purposefully extract labor, until death, in support of a war machine that was partially dedicated to genocide in other camps, is morally separable from the devoted death camps themselves.

If I make you hold a gun to an innocent man’s head while I squeeze the trigger, am I “merely” a witness to the crime?

Just admit your word choice was poor and move along.

About sums it up.

Will he do it?

I doubt it.

Update Again: More from John Cole.

One More Update: Blake, in the comments, draws my attention to this bit of right-wing insanity around Rachael Ray and the scarf that murdered 3000 Americans.

It’s official: you right-wing folks have lost your minds, completely and absolutely.

We probably ought to put Ms. Ray (and those like her, meaning short and cute and fashionable) in an internment camp for the safety of the American people. I hear Malkin’s a big fan of that sort of thing.

Final Update, Maybe: There were a few other comments that were left on this post by new visitors, but for some reason WordPress refused to approve them (they kept getting put back into my spam list). I have no idea why… so I moved them out one more time, deleted the remaining spam, and it went ahead and deleted the non-spam comments too.

Not a bug, but a feature. Woo.

OK, This is Really It: Yep, “merely a slave labor camp.” Merely.

5 Responses to “Buchenwald”

  1. Balloon Juice Says:

    […] It is depressing. […]

  2. Michelle Says:

    Hey andy — I think I remember you from before.

    I joined the comments — late I know.

    I actually stood on the grounds at Salaspils in Latvia. It was the worst of places, but the Latvians have made it a very solemn place. There’s a metronoym under the ground that counts the time and huge statues that represent the loss there.

    I cannot understand how anyone could find themselves parsing WWII. I never thought that would happen. My Latvian friends would be mortified.

  3. Blake Says:

    Aw come on, Andy! The “conservative” win in getting the Rachael Ray – Dunkin Donuts terrorist scarf chic ad pulled is more important than this! Sheesh, pick better battles when you decide to, ahem, not blog again, will ya?

  4. Jon Says:

    Well if he wants to get REALLY technical, Auschwitz was “merely” a concentration camp and work camp. The death camp was Bierkenau, which adjoined Auschwitz and which did carry out the killings of Auschwitz arrivals and prisoners, but was administered separately.

    But at least he forgives Obama for calling his great-uncle his uncle. That’s mighty white of him, you gotta admit.

  5. About that “gaffe” | Fabulously Jinxed Says:

    […] is depressing. (Referencing this :“Merely a slave labor […]

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