Ben Stein Learns That When You Lie Down With Creationists

you get up talking lies.

That’s right, he actually said:

“Science leads you to killing people.”



Now go away, Ben, you senile, old, blathering fool.

One Response to “Ben Stein Learns That When You Lie Down With Creationists”

  1. Joel Says:

    I think to say that Ben was referring to science in broad strokes seems pretty clearly misconstrue his intentions. It’s pretty clear, particularly considering his major in economics, which is an empirical science (if not as hard as say, biology), that he doesn’t flatly condemn science across the board, but rather attacks what many creations call “evolutionary science”.

    When seen in this light Stein has a genuine, if debatable, point. Various eugenics projects, including that of the Nazi programs, were founded on ideas that were strongly impacted by the publication On the Origin of Species and the subsequent works following it. Very intelligent men drew from this book many of the ideas that brought about some very bad things.

    Now whether this is a good interpretation is another question, as is whether evolutionary biology is correct. I have not seen the film that is being discussed, but I think this commentary is a bit disingenuous.

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