Make Your Fortune in the Music Industry

Dogs Die in Hot Cars, a band I discovered by randomly checking out CDs from the library, is looking for help in completing their second album:

Wherever your creativity lies, we want you to finish the second album. Whether you are a Singer, Guitarist, Pianist, Poet, DJ, Producer, Dancer or Shoemaker – we want to hear how you think the second album should sound.

From here you can download the album two demos and also all the individual tracks that made up the songs (vocals, guitars, synths etc.) to make with them whatever you wish. Completely free.

We will give 50% of all our royalty incomes that come from the final second album to those who have contributed towards the making of it.

I really liked their first album, and it sucks that they’ve gone the way of the Dinosaurs (and the TV show, “Dinosaurs”).

However, I will take them up on getting the demos for album two.

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