No Child Left Behind?

Heck, here in Colorado, we might as well just push the kids down and run away giggling something about “bureaucracy.”

The principal at Runyon Elementary sent a letter home to parents saying he’s “astounded” at the reaction of the Colorado Department of Education after his fourth grade teachers realized the CSAP writing test used a question which students practiced with earlier…

Hilliard’s letter states that during the written portion of the Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) tests for fourth graders, teachers realized the real question was one used by students during a practice session. The letter states that a teacher remembered this question from a CSAP test several years ago and used it in class thinking it would never be used again.

The letter states that once teachers realized the issue, they contacted CDE with hopes of getting a different written test to administer to these students…

The district asked the state for any accommodations like taking another version of the written test or using a question from a previous year. Instead, the Department of Education decided to invalidate the test and give zeroes to 60 of the students who took the written portion.

That’ll teach those kids a lesson in honesty.

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