Once Again, the Biblical Truth is Vindicated!

Take that, evil atheist Nazi evolutionalistic people!

A fossil animal locked in Lebanese limestone has been shown to be an extremely precious discovery – a snake with two legs.

Of course, some are not convinced:

Current evidence suggests that snakes started to emerge less than 150 million years ago.

Two theories compete. One points to a land origin in which lizards started to burrow, and as they adapted to their subterranean existence, their legs were reduced and lost – first the forelimbs and then the hind-limbs.

The second theory considers the origin to be in water, from marine reptiles.

Uh, hello, pardon me, but what about a third theory:

God did it!

That’s right, after Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, God punished the snake by taking away his legs. And He took millions of years to do it, because God doesn’t work on our schedule, He works according to His own plan.

As soon as you’re capable of living for millions of years like that, then maybe you’ll have room to talk and spout your “science” theories as the Truth.

I won’t hold my breath.

(I swear, being a creationist must be so easy – this idiocy practically writes itself!)

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