And Charlton Heston Put His Vest On

Dead at age 84.

And, now, a musical tribute.

You’re welcome.

5 Responses to “And Charlton Heston Put His Vest On”

  1. Antonio Gonzalez Says:

    He was an actor , a clown , a christian , but all over was a criminal.
    The world can rest Heston is dead.

  2. Tom Says:

    What, uh, crime did he commit? Or am I going to be sorry I asked?

  3. George Vreeland Hill Says:

    He was a great actor, but a jerk when it came to guns.
    Guns do kill, and we are tired of the lies of the NRA.
    Ban guns.
    It is a shame that Heston had to ruin his career because of the NRA.

    George Vreeland Hill

  4. Tom Says:

    Sometimes a rolleyes emoticon just isn’t enough.

  5. Jon Says:

    I disagree with his Republican politics, but otoh they’re counterbalanced by the fact he was marching in Civil Rights demonstrations when that was potentially career damaging. I see his death as pretty much a formality since he’s had Alzheimers for so long, but I still hate to see another major star from my childhood (and before) shoot through the sky. (Shooting star… heh heh… cause he was like a movie star and in the NRA and all… get it?)

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