The Bad News is We’re Going to Eat One Another

The good news is that I am tasty.

So I’m told.

Maybe it was “pasty.”

Hard to tell; after all, she did have her mouth full.

That’s right, there’s no telling how low I will go to make fun of a story.

(found via the good gay people of this place)

3 Responses to “The Bad News is We’re Going to Eat One Another”

  1. KevinQC Says:

    Oh good grief! :-)

  2. Walter Says:

    I like to look at the positive in a story like this, IE, in America, any dolt can get rich.

  3. aaron Says:

    Ever the optemist. Doesn’t Ted know, global warming is well on it’s way to beening solved. Bio-fuels, like Soylent Fuel, are already moving out of the development phase.

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