Silly, Harmless Beliefs – A Continuing Series, Part 1793

Why couldn’t he just skip town instead?

Autopsies show that five members of an Iowa City family found dead in their home were beaten to death…

Police believe former bank executive Steven Sueppel killed his wife and children sometime Sunday night or Monday. He had been charged with embezzlement, and his body was found in the wreckage of a car crash Monday morning…

Sueppel left a long note in the family’s kitchen addressed to no one in particular. He also left voice mail messages at the family’s home, at the bank where he once worked and at the law office of his father and brother.

One of the messages indicated Sueppel believed his family was in heaven, Steffen said.

See, he was doing them a favor, sending them to a better place, rather than having to live in shame because of his crimes. He took the burden of his sins fully upon himself, sacrificing his soul for all eternity in the hope that his loved ones would be in Heaven as a result.

What’s so wrong with that, oh ye of little faith?

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