Raising a Generation of Stupid

Christian homeschoolers take their kids to tour the Denver Museum of Nature & Science:

We have a membership to the museum and I have heard, on the odd visit, some creationist muttering to a companion about how wrong the museum is. That’s fine; they were adults, supposedly capable of thinking for themselves (despite all evidence to the contrary). This, however, is simply wrong. Children rely on authority figures to help them interpret the world, and teaching them that man’s knowledge of science, acquired through centuries of observation and experimentation, is inferior to a internally-inconsistent book of demonstrably false fairy tales is sickening.

At least when I take the wee Fi to the museum, she expresses real interest in learning about the exhibits, rather than regurgitating some idiocy spouted by a cretin from BC Tours, lest she be set upon by the Devil himself (because, surely, if there be devils, they’d call a science museum home).

(found via Ben Stein’s Enemy #1, PZ Myers)

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  1. wheels Says:

    When she’s old enough to benefit from it (and she doesn’t have to be that old), you should take Fiona on a behind-the-scenes tour. I did that with Cheryl, years ago. One of the fun things is that you find out where the leprechauns are in the museum, and how they got there.

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