Maybe It’s A Miracle from Marvin

the patron saint of extraterrestrials*:

Would you believe aliens have landed in North America?

Well, neither did Global television station CICT in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The station got word that alien images had shown up on the exterior wall of a home in the southwest part of town. So they went to check it out…

There’s no doubt why people are so puzzled and shocked by the out of this world discovery. The image looks like the heads of two aliens.

There’s no doubt why people are so puzzled and shocked because people are not puzzled and shocked…

Most everyone believes the images are not real aliens but the sun’s reflection off a nearby window.

…which would explain why there are no science nerds holding candlelight vigils around the house, all the while chanting equations dealing with planetary orbits, re-entry temperatures, and the speed of light.

Had this looked even remotely like a bearded man of indeterminate ethnic origin, there’d be Catholics lined up around the block, crying for their chance to touch the miracle wall.

Maybe he could market it as “Space-Faring Jesus and Friend” and then make a buck or two.

* Or the Martian variety, at least.

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