Perhaps I Just Test Well

I took the Pew Research Center current events quiz and I did quite well:

Here’s Your Score: You correctly answered 12 of the 12 possible questions along with approximately 3% of the public. You did better than 97% of the general public.

Uh, duh… of course I did.

Just one more reason you good people should default your opinions to mine, no matter the topic!

You can take the test right here.

(via Wheels)

2 Responses to “Perhaps I Just Test Well”

  1. Kaf Says:

    Yep, 12 out of 12 here as well. Don’t know whether to feel up ’cause my knowledge of current events is so shiny bright, or down because that quiz seemed really easy yet they claim only 3% of my peers attain a perfect score.

    Looking at the scoring by question, I find it interesting that those who got the Shiites/Sunni question right are more than double the one covering U.S. military personnel deaths in the Iraq conflict so far. At least in this regard a majority may be more informed than a certain senator from New Hampshire Arizona.

  2. zombyboy Says:

    Yeah, I got the same score. For anyone who pays a little attention, it should be an easy test.

    Look at the demographic breakdowns. Men score significantly higher than women, older scores better, and, of course, higher education scores better, too. What surprised me was how much higher men scored than women.

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