Because They’re So Well-Loved on Earth

…let’s bombard our space-faring galactic neighbors with our commercials too:

A British advert for crisp favourite Doritos is to become the first commercial ever to be beamed into space, it was revealed today.

The cosmic stunt will see the snack giant beam a 30-second ad beyond the Earth’s atmosphere and into the universe for any aliens that may be watching.

Wow, it will be the very first commercial sent into outer space, except for all those other ones from the 50+ years of broadcast television that have already radiated out into the universe. Impressive.

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  1. TeaFizz Says:

    Coincidentally, I watched “Life After People” on the History channel last night, and, according to the show, all the “culture” we’ve sent into space will most likely dissipate after one or two light-years to the point where it’s nothing more than noise.

    Although I guess you could argue that that doesn’t really change the content…

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