Not to Be a Total Dork, But…

Gary Gygax has died.

If you know who he is without Googling, you were probably a bit of a dork at one time in your life.

If you don’t know, you’re probably better off just moving along. Nothing to see here.

Please Note: I have so had sex before.

And not just with myself.

Thank you very much.

Update: Wow, reading some of the eulogies in various comments around the blogosphere, might I suggest that some of you current dorks realize that (a) it’s just a game and that (b) women are really better than any game?

Update 2: My credentials – D&D Basic, AD&D, Top Secret, TMNT, Twilight 2000, Marvel Superheroes, DC Heroes, Cyberpunk, and an assortment of GURPS.

4 Responses to “Not to Be a Total Dork, But…”

  1. Walter Says:

    I haven’t played since high school, but maybe one more time for Gygax.

  2. TeaFizz Says:

    D&D Basic, AD&D, Gord the Rogue.

  3. TeaFizz Says:

    Haven’t really even thought about D&D since high school, although I was really into it back then. I liked Michael Moorcock‘s (huh, huh) Eternal Champion series, too.

  4. ErikZ Says:

    The funny part is that you’re suggesting it, not stating it. :)

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