I’ll Have What He’s Having

When Moses Met Shroomy:

High on Mount Sinai, Moses was on psychedelic drugs when he heard God deliver the Ten Commandments, an Israeli researcher claimed in a study published this week.

Such mind-altering substances formed an integral part of the religious rites of Israelites in biblical times, Benny Shanon, a professor of cognitive psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem wrote in the Time and Mind journal of philosophy.

It’s probably those same drugs which allowed him to defy the laws of space, time, and human biology so that he could write autobiographically about his own death in Deuteronomy.

If the Bush Administration, with its rabid anti-drug attitude, had existed back then, just think, there would be no Bible!

Hmmm, how does one build a time machine?

(kudos to Vodkapundit for sending this to me)

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  1. Stephen Green Says:

    I have a time machine in my basement. But you can’t borrow it until I’m done using it to nail every single girl who ever rejected me in high school.

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