Wow and Hubba Hubba: A Fitness Story

Up until today, I was pretty proud of the 20lbs I have managed to lose through a combination of near-daily workouts (weights and cardio) combined with calling my mistress, Fat Tire, and telling her I couldn’t see her as often any more. She wept, they always do, but – hey, baby, that’s just how it’s got to be.

But Jennifer Marnell… crikey… wow.

Granted, I was only knocking on the door of 200lbs when I decided a change was in order, so my weight loss would not be as dramatic as that of Jennifer Marnell (although it sure doesn’t stop me from now looking in the mirror and being pleased to see muscles that once were considered buried by the sands – or, well, lipids – of time, lost forever more).

She should serve as an inspiration to many. Sure, there are some people, hobbled by genetics or disease, who will never, despite how hard they work, get their bodies to be truly fit.

However, for the bulk of us (and especially the bulky of us), we choose to look the way we do. Every time we choose to sit on our ass and watch television, eat a wing and drink a beer, we’re accepting the consequences of our actions, even though several months or years later we’ll stand looking in the mirror and pretend to be stumped at how we got to look this way.

I already had my moment, and that was enough for me.

Sorry, got distracted there for a moment from my main point: hubba hubba.

2 Responses to “Wow and Hubba Hubba: A Fitness Story”

  1. Blake Says:

    That’s great to hear about your weight loss, Andy. Congrats and keep it up.

  2. wheels Says:

    I’ve had a wakeup call recently. After about 20 years of staying within a couple pounds either way of 200 (and I’ve got a few more inches to spread it across than you), I’ve gone up to about 210 in just a few months. So now I’m working out more and trying to watch what I eat a little more closely.

    I had pretty much the same wakeup call almost 30 years ago, and thought I had things under control. I guess I’m just slowing down more than I expected as I age. Maybe I’ll end up being able to see muscles in the mirror that aren’t there now, but I’m certainly not going to look much different unless I lose a fair amount more.

    I do remember, from back in the days when I wasn’t dating and Westword still had personals in the print edition, an advertisement from a woman who was 5′ tall and 300 pounds. She was billing herself as a “cute little pumpkin” or something like that. It would be nice to think that she started some sort of fitness/weight loss program at some point, but I’ve known too many people who were belligerent and defensive about their weight (“fat people can’t HELP it, and you are thoughtless and horrible to be less than accepting of their body image”) to expect that anything like that happened.

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