Odds Are That Odds Aren’t Your Forte

We really need to work on basic statistics with the American populace. From an article regarding babies born on Feb 29 during a leap year:

…and this year that group grew to include Amelia Theresa Pinkham. The 10-pound-4-ounce darling was born to Jamie and Nathan Pinkham shortly after 8 a.m. Amelia was due yesterday but Jamie says she knew her daughter would be born today.

“Well the chances of having a baby on the 29th of February every four years is one in, what, 1,200 I think, 1,300 something, which is kind of neat,” says dad Nathan. “You could win quite a bit of money in the lottery with that kind of odds.”

Yes, in the Powerball lottery you might win a little over $7.

Wow, that is quite a bit of money.

To a four year old.

P.S. Welcome to the world, Amelia!

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  1. Matt Moore Says:

    I think if you calculated the odds of having a 10lb 4oz baby they’d be quite a bit worse than 1 in 1200. BTW, I weighed exactly 10lb 4oz at birth.

    Yes, I was fat.

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