The War is Over!

Not the Iraq war – thanks to the initial mismanagement by Rummy and Company, that baby’s gonna go on for years more. Be serious.

No, the war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD – and Blu-ray has come out victorious!

Toshiba Corp. abandoned its HD DVD technology, surrendering the high-definition video market to Sony Corp.’s Blu-ray in the entertainment industry’s largest format war since VHS beat Betamax in the 1980s.

Toshiba, the leading promoter of HD DVD, will shut the business by the end of March, the Tokyo-based company said today.

Let the whining by early adopters begin!

(Psst, you pays your nickel and you takes your chances, folks).

5 Responses to “The War is Over!”

  1. Blake Says:

    I’m pretty pissed about this since I bought an HD-DVD player about two months ago. All the research I did seemed to indicate the “war” between the two formats wouldn’t be settled for at least a year or two so I went ahead and took a chance. Oh well, at least it upconverts standard DVD’s pretty well.

    For some reason, my asshole brother seems to take great delight in my misfortune. Much like Kramer when Seinfeld’s stock purchase kept going down. Prick.

  2. Kaf Says:

    I took the historically-best bet against Sony (is there’s a company more skilled at having their own (often superior) technology pushed to the wayside?) , but thankfully held off on buying a system.

    Hey, at least Blu-ray is a much cooler name. I hope Blake (and others) can take some solace in that fact. For those who cannot, get that HD-DVD on eBay. Quick.

  3. Blake Says:

    I am tempted to go ahead and buy a Blu-ray player because frankly, hi-def is incredible. But I’m going to wait a year or so while the competition heats up and drives prices down.

  4. sean Says:

    I’ve had a Blu-ray from the start! YAY!
    To be honest I play more normal DVD’s on it to improve their quality rather than buy the pricey blu-ray dvd’s.

  5. the instigator Says:

    what the hell is the difference between the two?? i watched blu-ray james bond and hd james bond, but couldnt decide the difference??
    who cares neway bout all the new fang dangled stuff…. i’d rather pay half the price for somethin that isn’t high-def……does it really matter how real it looks?? i mean lasers coming out of watches… turning into boats…..mountains used as secret layers….
    none of its real neway god dam it….
    well the moutain secret layer bit leads me nicely on to bin laden….
    if Congress approves the $71 billion emergency supplemental to pay for the ongoing cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the new total for the war expenses will be $439 billion not to mention the cost of lives….and theres starvin people in the world?? seems to me our governments find killing people more productive than saving people…
    pretty sick really…..jus imagine what that $439 billion could have done to change the world for the better……

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