I Bet You Thought Joseph McCarthy Was Dead

Well, you’re right.

He is.

Alas, through a twist of time-space New Ageism mumbo jumbo magically delicious reincarnation abracadabra, he’s been brought back to NRO’s The Corner, as a woman (but still white and still Republican, so he won’t be too upset, what with two out of three of God’s favorite qualities intact).

I don’t know how Barak Obama’s parents met. But the Kincaid article referenced above makes a very convincing case that Obama’s family, later, (mid 1970s) in Hawaii, had close relations with a known black Communist intellectual. And, according to what Obama wrote in his first autobiography, the man in question — Frank Marshall Davis — appears to have been Barack’s own mentor, and even a father figure. Of course, since the Soviet Union itself no longer exists, it’s an open question what it means practically to have been politically mentored by an official Communist. Ideologically, the implications are clearer…

Time for some investigative journalism about the Obama family’s background, now that his chances of being president have increased so much.

Do the Republicans wonder why so many independents have a complete distaste for so much of what they do these days?

I mean, really, do they?

4 Responses to “I Bet You Thought Joseph McCarthy Was Dead”

  1. Kaf Says:

    You know this now makes you a communist sympathizer, don’t you?

  2. Hot Karl Says:

    Yeah. I’m sure glad Democrats don’t play gotcha games like this.
    Do I need the sarcasm tag, or was that clear enough?

  3. Lew Says:

    You mean State healthcare *is* something he might not only believe in, but be able to put in place some day?

    A little taste of Communism, Socialism or Thai Food is a nice change of pace some days.

  4. andy Says:

    Of course Democrats play games.

    This, however, is on top of everything else the Republicans have done since having the reins of the country (reins I helped give them, regretfully).

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